Watch live: Trump holds indoor campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada

President Trump is holding an indoor campaign rally Sunday night in Henderson, Nevada, about 20 miles south of Las Vegas. This is his second rally during his journey to the West, one after the other. Outdoor rally On Saturday night near Reno, Nevada.

This is Mr. Trump’s first indoor rally Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally On 20 June. Oklahoma’s top health official said That rally – since Mr. Trump’s first suspected rallies Coronavirus epidemic In March – possibly contributed to the spike in COVID-19 infection.

How to watch President Trump’s rally tonight

  • what: President Trump’s rally
  • Date: Sunday, September 13
  • Time: 10 AM ET
  • place: Xtreme Manufacturing, Henderson, Nevada
  • Online stream: Live on CBSN – in the top player and on your mobile or streaming device

Herman Cain, the 2012 presidential candidate who co-chaired the “Black Voice for Trump”, was photographed at a Tulsa rally without wearing a mask. He was hospitalized for COVID-19 on 29 June He died on 30 July.

The Tulsa rally was held in an area with a capacity of 19,000 and the campaign claimed 1 million reservations. But only about Showed 6,200 people.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Muerto said in a statement, “If you can join the thousands of people protesting on the streets, gambling in a casino, or burning small businesses in riots, you can 1 Can hear peacefully under th e Amendment. President of the United States. ”

For the past few weeks, Mr. Trump has been doing outdoor rallies. Their Saturday night rally was originally planned to be held in Reno, but was rejected by the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority as more than 5,000 expected visitors at public ceremonies due to the coronovirus epidemic in the state and local County instructions will be violated.

Mr. Trump reprimanded the state’s governor over the decision, alleging that the rejection occurred because he is a Republican. “We call it protest, because if you call it protest you are allowed to be one,” Mr. Trump claimed.

“The governor tried to stop us, and he couldn’t, but think about it – he’s in control of millions of votes,” Mr. Trump said. He said, “If I am above millions of votes, then he can rig the election.”

According to CBS affiliate KTVN-TV, Governor Steve Sisolak on Thursday said he had nothing to do with the cancellation of the incident, as the state’s ban was over months when more than 50 people gathered.

Mr. Trump spent Sunday at a roundtable in Treasure Island, Las Vegas.

Victoria Albert contributed to this report.