Watch for a brief second a close-up of the SpaceX Starhopper activating its engine

On Wednesday of last week, SpaceX turned on the Starhopper's Raptor engine for the first time, sending the bullet ship into the air. Not by much, since it was tied to the ground, but anyway.

Maybe a historic moment for SpaceX would have deserved a much better coverage, but all we got at that moment was a cloudy video that showed nothing but flames and smoke coming from where the Hopper was supposed to be.

Then, during the weekend, Elon Musk published a video similar to a GIF, which shows another instance of engine ignition, this time on Friday and from below the machine. "Starhopper has just taken off and hit the limits of the rope! Musk tweeted.

The Starhopper is the forerunner of the Starship, the second capsule with crew capacity in the SpaceX line. It will be used as the Grbadhopper was used to test the take-off and landing capabilities of the current rocket generation.

The starship that will be built at the end of the Starhopper development process is a part that will likely change the exploration of space forever. The starship is destined to be the first true interplanetary vessel of humanity, one that will not only lead humans to the Moon, but also to Mars.

To be launched when it is ready on top of the Big Falcon Rocket, Starship was scheduled to fly to Mars in 2022, transporting cargo in preparation for the arrival of humans about two years later. It is not clear at this point to what extent SpaceX's schedule is delayed in relation to these objectives.

The starship could also be used closer to home, as a means of transport that uses ballistics.

Launched from one place, it is badumed that the ship is falling into another one so fast that it could complete a 4,000 km (2,485 miles) trip from Los Angeles to New York in 25 minutes, a significant decrease of the current flight of five and a half hours. hour.

Starhopper has just taken off and hit the binding limits!

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 6, 2019

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