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(CNN / Meredith) – A manager told the general manager of a Burger King restaurant in Florida to "come back to Mexico" if he wanted to continue speaking in Spanish.

The exchange, captured in a video that was later published on social networks, shows Ricardo Castillo, of Puerto Rican descent, being reprimanded by two unidentified women while eating at the restaurant in Eustis, 64 kilometers north of Orlando.

"You're in the United States, you should speak American English," you can hear a woman saying, to which Castillo responds: "No, ma'am, I do not."

"Yes, yes, go back to Mexico if you want to continue speaking in Spanish, go back to your Mexican country, to your state, to your country," the woman continues.

Client Neyzha Borrero, who registered the heated exchange on July 6 and posted it on Facebook, told CNN that the women complained to the manager because he spoke Spanish in front of them.

Before Borrero started recording the video, Castillo was doing some paperwork at a table when one of his employees came in and spoke with him in Spanish, Borrero said.

"The two women were next to the manager, and after the employee left, they told Castillo they wanted to complain."

Thinking it was about food, the manager offered to give them credit or a free dessert, said Borrero. But instead, they said that he should not speak Spanish in public because "we are in the United States."

Borrero, who was at Burger King with her boyfriend Oni Martínez, began recording from her seat before approaching the three.

After being asked to return to Mexico, you can listen to Castillo saying: "Guess what lady, I'm not Mexican, I'm not Mexican, but you have a lot of prejudices and I want you out of my restaurant, right?"

He threatened to call the police when a woman said she would only leave after finishing her meal.

"People like you, so ignorant and disrespectful," the manager continues.

The video ends with the two women leaving the restaurant. CNN has not been able to identify women to seek comment from them.

The Eustis Police Department told CNN in an e-mailed statement that it was not involved with the incident. "No officer responded and we were not notified," said a police spokeswoman.

When contacted for comments, Castillo referred CNN to Burger King.

A spokeswoman for Burger King said in a statement to CNN: "There is no room for discrimination in our restaurants, we expect employees and guests to treat each other with respect." This incident occurred in a franchise restaurant and the owner is investigating to import.

Borrero said that the women did not return and that the manager was calm after the exchange. "We applauded him because he never lacked respect, he was very professional," said Borrero.

He added that this is not the first time he has witnessed this type of episode. "Unfortunately, it's something that happens every day," he said.

"I have witnessed many similar situations, it has even happened to me," said Borrero, who is from Puerto Rico.

By Gianluca Mezzofiore, CNN

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