Watch David Letterman Surprise Drew Barrymore on his birthday

Happy belated birthday, Drew! On February 22nd, or “Two Twenty-Two” as Drew Barrymore calls it (or “Drew Twenty-Drew” as We call it), The Drew Barrymore Show it celebrated its benevolent ruler’s birthday with a very special episode that featured some surprise guests. Savannah Guthrie hosted “Barrymore Bash” and teamed up with the kind and mythical forest man David Letterman to surprise Drew. Guthrie first introduced Letterman as a surprise Zoom guest, which seemed to have Drew thrilled. So Letterman pretended his Zoom wasn’t working and he couldn’t hear anything, and he backed away from the screen in mock “frustration.” Then, Letterman walked into the studio and Drew Barrymore lost her mind, crying surprise happy birthday tears. “You are actually crying! Oh that breaks my heart. God bless you! “Letterman told him.” I can’t thank you enough for everything and the friendship you showed us when we were on the show. So it meant a lot, and this also means a lot. Thank you for … or did I invite myself over? myself? I don’t know how this happened. “

After the commercial hiatus, Barrymore decided to retaliate with a surprise of his own, climbing up on the study table and dancing in a not quite complete reenactment of the time when he got up at Letterman’s desk late at night and showed it off. 1995 in its birthday. It’s a fun moment that turns heartfelt when Barrymore recalled the way Letterman graciously handled his well-meaning part of late-night youth theater. She said:

“I had no plans to do that. It was one of those moments in my life when I felt that a magnet was drawing me. And it was all so much fun and well-meaning, and I just had no idea where I was going. And I was almost like, Should I be ashamed? I did something wrong? I’m in trouble? And I knew in that moment that, with a twist, you could have said, ‘Why did you do that? What’s wrong with you?’ And instead, you had that smile and you told everyone, This moment is fine. I hope I can be half the man Dave is right now, and let something innocent and spontaneous be innocent and spontaneous. “As the show went through images of Barrymore on Letterman Over the years, he continued, “You forced me to take a risk and allowed it to be repaid with kindness, reciprocity, kindness and humor, which is my best, honestly. I think that’s the biggest prize and reward that people can give each other in life. “Sweetheart, both of you.

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