Watch Alnis Morissette’s daughter Sabtaz’s ‘Fallen’ performance

Alanis Morissette broadcast to mothers around the world during quarantine when she performed in tow with her daughter The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Which will air on Thursday nights.

Morissette and his band virtually dropped “Ablaze” from their ninth studio album to appear on the late night show, Such beautiful thorns in the road, Which is out Friday. Posted in what appears to be a vibrant library, the singer holds her daughter in her arms as she sings. The kid supposedly steals the show – and Morissette’s headphones. As the clip captures her child, Morissette’s song is a dedication to her children, where she sings about her strengths and encourages them to stand firm even when they struggle. “My mission is to keep the light in your eyes,” she sings on the chorus, in between conversations with her beloved show-staffing daughter.

The musician opened up about his struggle with postpartum depression in a recent interview Rolling stone. She currently has three children, the youngest of whom is eight months old. “The first couple of times I had it, it was like depressive symptoms,” she said. “Around this time, there is probably one percent depression. The rest is just worry and all the pictures and all the dreaded parts of PPD [postpartum depression.] But yes, sleep is rare. And whenever I can sleep, which is not a large amount, but enough to keep going. “

Such beautiful thorns in the road It is Morissette’s first album in eight years – because she was busy with her children. It was scheduled to begin in May, but was delayed due to the epidemic – as was his 25th anniversary tour jagged Little Pill.

“I just thought that it doesn’t feel intuitively right when we’re in the midst of an epidemic, putting records about a woman’s crisis,” she said. “I got a 50-50 response, based on which I told that information to that friend. One would say, ‘Yes, wait, please. I can’t take any more.’ And then other friends said the complete opposite: ‘Do you Kidding me? I want to lose myself in your story and in your words. “”

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