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The FBI said in an intelligence report obtained by the Post, it monitored individuals downloading maps of sensitive areas around Washington and talked about how those locations could be used to access security, the Post reported .

The intelligence report warned that QAnon members and “lone wolves” indicated that they plan to travel to Washington for Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, the Post said.

“But the intelligence briefing did not identify any specific plots to attack the events of the inauguration” that would be similar to the January 6 rebellion on the US Capitol, which was attended by some QAnon members, the Post said.

The FBI noted that it detected “suspicious traffic” on the communication systems used by some participants in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack – but “nothing that pointed to any specific action,” according to the Post.

The newspaper said the FBI in its briefing report “rejected the credibility or seriousness of the threats”.

The agency pointed to the post last week for comments made by FBI Director Christopher Ray, in which he said the FBI was taking a “wide” crackdown around the inauguration and said that “one of the real challenges in this space is to distinguish Trying what is aspirational and what is potential. “

“We are monitoring all incoming leads – whether calls for armed protests, potential threats that go beyond the Capitol’s January 6 breach or other potential threats leading to opening events and various other targets,” Ray said.

The CBI Service declined to comment on the post about the FBI’s intimidation report, but told the newspaper that it “takes all threats seriously and to continue our 59th inauguration with our federal, state, local and military Will continue to work with allies. Relevant intelligence available to the security community. “

CNN previously reported that the FBI is vetoing thousands of National Guard soldiers who provided security at the inauguration prior to their arrival in Washington to prevent any insider threat, and is working with the U.S. Army Secret Service to determine Whether there are soldiers requires additional background screening.

Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said on Monday that “there is no intelligence that indicates a sign” for Biden’s inauguration, adding that “we are leaving no stone unturned to secure the capital.” “

Miller said in his statement on Monday, “DC is providing additional training to members of the National Guard Service as they come to DC to report a series of it if they see or hear something that is not appropriate. needed.”
In the wake of the Capitol Rebellion earlier this month, there has been a large-scale security presence in Washington for the inauguration of Biden, with more than 20,000 National Guard soldiers in the city expected to help secure the incident.

CNN’s Zachary Cohen and Eli Meloy contributed to this report.


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