The latest information on the shooting at The Montage in Reno

Police in Reno, Nev., Cierra Sierra Street in downtown next to The Montage condominiums, where an armed man fired into the street for approximately 30 minutes from a unit of the eighth floor Nov. 28, 2017. (Photo: Andy Barron, Reno (Nev.) Gazette-Journal)

RENO, Nev. – An armed man shooting from an eighth-floor condominium rained bullets in downtown Reno but died later. A SWAT team raided his unit, police said Wednesday.

The incident, potentially inspired by Stephen Paddock's attack on the 32nd floor on October 1 at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, began on Tuesday when the Reno shooter took a woman hostage. She was later rescued without injury, and the authorities have not divulged her name or the name of the gunman.

"Honestly, I knew the shooter was nearby, I could feel the windows vibrate, (and) I could hear things falling from walls," said Karl Fiebiger, who lives on the seventh floor of The Montage condominium complex where he hid shooter. "I was very happy to evacuate because I knew I was not in the safest situation if the bullets started to fly."

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► June 19: 79 people now confirmed dead or missing after the London fire [19659011] Fiebiger grabbed shoes, a jacket, his laptop and a picture of his parents, then headed towards the elevator. Fiebiger said he felt more anxious than scared, although it took a while for the reality of the situation to settle down.

"I think this is the country we live in now," he said.

"I think this is the country we live in now."

Karl Fiebiger, Reno, Nev.

In Reno, nobody on the ground was injured. A woman suffered a superficial injury to the hand.

The gunman, who was between 20 and 30 years old, used a shoulder rifle containing 20 to 50 rounds of ammunition from his position in the renovated 22-story condominium. of what used to be the Golden Phoenix casino. He fired bursts of five to eight shots on Sierra Street that sparkled as they bounced off the asphalt, said Reno Police Deputy Chief Tom Robinson.

The gaps between the explosions lasted minutes, and the entire incident lasted 30 minutes, Robinson said.

It was not clear if the armed man and his hostage lived in the condominium where the shooting occurred.

The suspect's motive was also unclear early Wednesday, although officials suspect that mental problems may have been a factor, Robinson said. The radio talk during the incident suggested that the suspect might have been watching things.

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Mike Pavicich of Las Vegas, in Reno on business, was walking down Fourth Street in front of Eldorado Casino on Tuesday night when the first shots rang. Pavicich's wife was a nurse they called to work after Paddock, 64, opened fire at the Las Vegas music festival 59 days ago from his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino.

"When you heard that it's coming from above, it reminds you of the guy who shoots from Mandalay Bay," Pavicich said. "It's scary, you know, this is the same kind of city."

Paddock, who owned a house and lived briefly in Reno with his girlfriend Marilou Danley, also owned a condo in The Montage until December of last year.

Contributor: Mike Higdon and Anjeanette Damon, Reno Gazette-Journal. Follow Sam Gross and Sarah Litz on Twitter: @samzgross and @SarahMLitz


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