Warzone Players received Leatherface House

Infinity Ward recently added Leatherface call of Duty Modern Warfare And Call of Duty: Warzone As for the operator skin, but it seems that the horror icon is more than the players in the Battle Royal game. Players have found a place in the scary night portion Warzone The map that appears to be the home of Leatherface is complete with all kinds of gore and ghostly looks. If you stay out of the house for too long, you will also begin to expose the killer’s chainsaw.

If you can’t find a home yourself, the video below YouTuber The Legendary Borac (via PC Gamer) will give you the right clue for it. Once you are able to catch a break from the action going on around you, head to the Crovanic farmland area of ​​the map and head of the house. If your experience is similar to something given below, you will see a clarity in the window, which will let you know that you are in the right place.

Once you are inside, you will see that the human remains on the table and in different rooms. It’s not particularly graphic – at least not something you’d see in a Texas Chinasaw massacre film – but it’s a detail that’s impossible to miss. The splatters on the ground, the creak of the old house and the chainsaw noise coming from the next room created a surprisingly terrifying experience for the Call of Duty game.

After going upstairs, players came face to face with Leatherface or at least the ghostly version of Assassin. When you are inside the building more than one ghost can be clearly visible.

Those who pay attention to the tees of Activision for the Hunting of Verduck event will already be expecting such an encounter. Activism first teased that you can see Leatherface, Billy to Saw franchise, and more on the revised map.

“No matter the operation, visiting Verdansk at night will leave operators open to some fear,” the activism said. “Some say a ventriloquist doll often appears on television sets for deflected channels, and a chainsaw-wielding assassin polygist can be seen and heard in Kravnik farmland. Others claim that near the train station The bad tracks are still used by a ghost train, a ship full of the souls of those who lost their lives fighting in the Gulag … ”

call of Duty Modern Warfare And Of warzone The venue of the Varadsk event is live until 3 November.


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