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Warwick Project hidden in the new League of Legends trailer?

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League of Legends has announced a new batch of masks and the Warwick Project seems to be among them. Yesterday (July 13), the official. League of Legends The Twitter account posted a video mocking the new series. Today they have posted a new, deeper trailer. This new trailer clearly shows 4 champions: Jinx, Akali, Irelia and Pyke.

"Industrial followers of Twitter"

An investigative Twitter user found the video tags to include "Project Warwick" and "Warwick." However, there has been no confirmation of League of Legends as for Warwick. u / RiotEarthSlug confirmed, however, that the other 4 champions are correct. They also confirmed the existence of a fifth mask and declared that some "Twitter followers" have already found the hidden champion.

The fifth is the Warwick project, it's on the labels of the videos. pic.twitter.com/Xy8BXXjoQx

– Colb (@ Colby5629) July 14, 2019

Project: Warwick sightings

In the video below, there are two suggestions that point to the hidden champion being Project: Warwick. At twelve and fourteen, a robot enters a frame that has two scratch marks. The video also shows many possible scratch marks on the ground before the robot. However, these scratches could be courtesy of the Blade users who joined the new Project series.

Immediately after the camera can see behind the robot, a red blur appears on the screen. At twelve and sixteen, the red blur becomes a flurry of red bumps. These two cases can be attributed to Warwick's abilities in the game. One of Warwick's abilities gives him a burst of speed to help him catch enemy champions. Another of his skills is to jump on a target and "suppress" it while violently moving its claws against the target.

Riot will present a complete revelation in the future to probably confirm these theories. The finding of "Project: Warwick" and "Warwick" on the video tags at @ Colby5269 makes it likely that these suspicions are correct. That is especially true if you have the confirmation that / RiotEartSlug says that "hardworking" fans have already found the hidden champion.

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