Warriors prioritizing Steph Curry’s ‘window’ is what’s wrong with sports today


The “me” in Golden State.
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It is one of the oldest cliches. in sports: there is no “me” in the team.

But actually, it’s on timein.

It should always be about the team, not just an individual player, no matter how good he is.

Enter the here and now.

If you think analytics has gone haywire in sports, this attention to a player’s career is even worse.

You see it now more than ever. It’s about not wasting a particular player’s career. Somehow, the team must do anything and everything to ensure that a certain player wins in his career. If not, that player has to move to a better situation.


Often times, the journey and the fight make the payoff even sweeter. The Chicago Bulls didn’t waste Michael Jordan’s first seven years. There were simply better teams and players in his way.

However, that notion is not accepted today.

The latest nonsense came from the Golden State. Somehow, management had to assure Steph Curry that the Warriors will do everything they can to make sure he wins the rest of his already stellar career.

General manager Bob Myers said the Warriors feel a responsibility to maximize Curry’s title window.

Not the of the organization window, but Curry.

“We feel that responsibility until that guy retires, or not on our team, ”Myers told the media. “You have to honor that.

“You have to do what you can, but that does not mean that those opportunities are available every day and that they are easy to find. You’re always looking, but that’s your job. “

What doesn’t make sense is that the mission of trying to win is based on helping Curry win. Didn’t the team prepare Curry when they added Kevin Durant to a team that had already won a title? Additionally, Curry has won three NBA championships.

Yet somehow, the Warriors owe more to Curry at this point in his career.

The mission should be for an organization to try to win all time. And when Curry is singled out, does that mean the careers of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green don’t matter as much? What if Curry wasn’t on the team, wouldn’t the Warriors try so hard to win for those guys?

None of that makes sense.

And guess what. Everyone cannot win.

So if a team doesn’t win, does that really mean the franchise wasted a player’s career?

But that’s where we are today. It’s about serving a star player. That’s why there are two quarterbacks in the NFL who both believe its legacies are more important than anyone else’s.

First, Deshaun Watson decided that the Texans don’t know what they’re doing despite making the playoffs in four of the previous six seasons.

Somehow, because he was not part of the interview process to hire the team’s new general manager, he no longer wants to play in Houston and has asked to be traded.

Remember, Watson is the same guy who signed a mega dollar contract with this organization. then changed his number one target on DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona.

That would have been the time to cry badly and demand an exchange. Instead, he agreed with the team’s decision and took the money anyway.

The same goes for Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks.

Somehow, after going to the Super Bowl twice and winning one, Wilson doesn’t think Seattle is working to secure his legacy. He has come out publicly against the team.

Wilson never admitted that his legacy would be even greater if he hadn’t thrown that interception at the goal line to lose the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots.

And while Wilson hasn’t officially asked for a trade, he’s hinted that he wouldn’t mind moving to another team that he thinks is a better situation for him.

And let’s not forget the departure of James Harden from the Rockets. Of course, Houston went out of her way to surround him with other stars. They brought in Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. And although the team did do some serious runs, it ultimately failed to make it to the NBA Finals.

Harden’s precious years were hardly wasted. Plus, they could have made it to a championship if Harden, himself, didn’t melt in big spots under the bright postseason lights.

Sports teams should just try to win all the time, and primarily for the fan base, not just a player obsessed with his place in history.

“What is your responsibility?” Myers said about Curry. “It’s to help him win a championship, to put the best players he can around him.”

It should be about the Warriors, not just Curry. These days, teams have the wrong approach.


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