Warriors against rockets: Kevin Durant, twisted calf, to get an MRI on Thursday, can not travel with the team for Game 6

Kevin Durant left the Warriors' victory in Game 5 over the Rockets in the third quarter with a strain on the right calf and did not return. It looked like it could have been much worse, maybe an Achilles injury from the way Durant reacted, but calf tension is not exactly good news. Allie LaForce, of TNT, reported that Durant will undergo an MRI on Thursday and, depending on those results, is still in the air if Durant will travel with the team to Houston for Game 6 on Friday.

Here is the play where Durant was injured:

In general, the Warriors served a great service by winning Game 5, since the winner of Game 5 in a 2-2 series wins the series 82 percent of the time. If Durant can not go to Game 6, at least they have a game to play, although Golden State clearly wants to get rid of this Houston team as quickly as possible. LaForce reported that, depending on the severity of the stress, there is a chance that Durant's recovery could take 2 to 3 weeks. Everyone is waiting to see what the MRI reveals on Thursday.

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