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Prosecuted for badual harbadment earlier this week, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon responded by taking a leave of absence from his current job as a member of the Seahawks' broadcast team. However, Moon denies the accusations made against him.

"Warren Moon has not yet been notified of the lawsuit filed by Wendy Haskell, but he is aware of the allegations contained therein," attorney Daniel Fears said in a statement. "Mr. Moon denies Ms. Haskell's badertions, Mr. Moon maintains that these claims lack merit, and he fully intends to vigorously defend himself in court."

The statement explains that Moon applied for a license because he recognizes that "his duties as a commentator on the Seattle Seahawks radio" the network will be affected as he defends himself from these claims. "

Although Moon has every right to defend himself of the accusations, it is not clear how their obligations for a handful of hours each weekend will be negatively affected by the situation.The fact that they have not even served you with the demand means that the clock to send an initial response in writing The lawsuit has not even started to work, and by the time you file a formal response to the civil suit, the regular season will be over, and by the time you are expected to testify under oath as part of the discovery process, the postseason will be

In spite of everything, Moon has stepped aside and is currently planning to fight the accusations, as he does, the situation it will be held in public view, and judgments will be made in the court of public opinion.

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