Warren Buffett in September: 44 Equity Yield 7 Buy-and-Hold Dividend Picks


James Brumley says in Kiplinger Investing:

“Rich people are often always wealthy for a reason, so it might be worthwhile to study what billionaires and high-wealth hedge funds are doing in their long-term capital.”

Any collection of stocks more clearly understood, subject to yield-based (dog catcher) analysis, is perfect for the Buffett / Berkshire batch dogchacker process. Here is 8 September data for 28 dividend paying shares in the Kiplinger-documented collection of 44 owned by Berkshire Hathaway of Bipet. (NYSE: BRK.A) (NYSE: BRK.B) strong.

Another resource consulted for this article was dogofthedow.com; It also maintains an ongoing spreadsheet of updated Buffett / Berkshire shares per quarter as per the BRK SEC filing.

March earnings on the stock market took their toll on Buffett’s batch and made it likely to own productive dividend shares, making their collections more viable for first-time investors. This September update reflects the following seven stocks that still won an annual dividend of more than their single share price from their annual dividend of $ 1k: KHC, STOR, USB, SU, SEF, BAC and SIRI.

Actionable Findings (1-10): Analysts estimate 11.07% to 44.2% net profit for 10 Top Buffett-Held Dividend Stocks Come Until September 2021

Six of these ten Buffett’s top dividend stocks by yield were also among the top 10 beneficiaries for the coming year based on the analyst’s one-year target values. (They are tinted gray in the chart below). Thus, yield-based forecasts for these buffett dogs were rated 60% accurate by Wall St. Wizards.

Source: YCharts.com

Estimates reported by YCharts were based on estimates of the highest dividend shares invested in each of the $ 1,000 invested and their total one-year analyst average target-price. Note: One-year target prices were not implemented by analysts alone. The estimated ten potential profit generating trades on September 8, 2021 were:

Suncor Energy Inc. was estimated at $ 441.95 based on an average price estimate from 25 analysts, plus dividends, lower broker fees. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be 40% higher than the market as a whole subject to risk / volatility.

M&T Bank Corp (MTB) posted a net profit of $ 268.18 on a dividend basis, along with 21 analyst estimates. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be 15% higher of risk / volatility than the entire market.

Bank of New York Mellon (BK) was estimated to net $ 250.57 based on the median of the target price estimates of 19 analysts, target dividends, lower broker fees. The beta number showed this estimate to be 2% more risk / volatility than the entire market.

Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) was estimated to have a total of $ 240.02, which was the median of 27 analyst, target price estimates from lower broker fees, based on dividends. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be 9% higher subject to risk / volatility than the entire market.

The Craft Heinz Company was estimated to net $ 200.16 based on the median of target estimates from 20 analysts, plus dividends, lower broker fees. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be risk / volatility 1% higher than the market as a whole.

Serious XM Holdings, Inc. Was estimated at $ 190.19 based on an average price estimate from 18 analysts, target annual dividend, lower broker fees. The beta number showed this estimate subject to 14% risk / volatility across the market.

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) was estimated to net $ 164.79 based on the average price estimate from 26 analysts, Target Dividend, Low Broker Fees. Beta numbers showed this estimate subject to 16% risk / volatility across the market.

Synchronized Financials had an estimated net $ 145.49, based on dividends, plus a mean broker fee of 20 analyst target price estimates. The beta number showed this estimate as a whole subject to 70% higher risk / volatility than the market.

Bank of America Corp was estimated to net a net $ 119.73 based on an average of 26 analyst, plus annual dividend, target price estimates from reduced broker fees. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be 54% more subject to risk / volatility than the entire market.

Globe Life Inc. (GL) was estimated to net a net $ 110.72 on a dividend basis, plus seven analysts, an average target price estimate from lower broker fees. Beta numbers showed this estimate to be subject to 10% risk / volatility across the market.

The average net gain in dividends and price was estimated as 21.32% at $ 10k as $ 1k in each of these 10 stocks. These profit estimates were 23% higher than the average market risk / volatility as a whole.

Action Conclusion (11): (Bear Warning) Analysts depict a Buffett-Held Dividend Stock, 5.42% Loss as of September 2021

Potential losing trades revealed by 2021 by Y-Charts:

Source: YCharts.com

United Parcel Service (UPS) estimated a loss of $ 54.16 based on dividends and an average of target price estimates including broker fees of 27 analysts. The beta number showed this estimate subject to equal risk / volatility for the entire market.

Source: pexels.com

The Dividend Dogs Rule

Stocks earned the “dog” moniker by displaying three traits: (1) making reliable payments, repetitive dividends, (2) dropping their prices where (3) yields (dividends / value) exceeded their peers. . Thus, the highest-yielding stock in any collection is known as a “dog”. More precisely, these are actually called “underdogs”.

44 Buffett Holdings by Target Gaines

Source: YCharts.com

44 Buffett by Yield

Source: YCharts.com

Actionable Findings (11-20): Top 10 Buffett-held Stock by yield

The top 10 Buffett-held shares selected 9/8/20, representing four of the eleven Morningstar regions.

Two dogs went from first place to first place Consumer defensive Sector, The Craft Heinz Co [1]. Second Consumer Defensive Representative placed tenth, Coca-Cola Company (KO) [10].

alone real estate Sector Representative, Second, STORE Capital Corp [2].

From ninth place to six in the third and fifth place financial Services Representative. Bancorp of America was in third place [3]. The remaining five financial services were: M&T Bank Corp [5], PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) [6], JP Morgan Chase & Company [7], Bank of New York Mellon Corp [8], And synchronous financials [9].

Finally, the fourth position was claimed by a representative Energy Sector, Suncor Energy [4] September Buffett / Berkshire top 10 batch to complete by yielding dogs.

Actionable findings: (21-30) Top 10 September Buffett / Berkshire Dogs showed 10.15% -40.63% upsides (31) Three downsiders reached -1.04% -6.95%

Source: YCharts.com

To determine the amount of top dog rankings, analyst average price target estimates provide a “market sentiment” gauge of inverted capacity. Added to simple high-yield metrics, the analyst’s estimate of price targets became another tool for digging barges.

Analysts forecast a 22.9% gain for the five highest-yields, the lowest price of the 10 top Buffett-collected dividend stocks as of September 2021.

Ten top Buffett / Berkshire dividend dogs were pulled by the yield for this update. Yield (dividend / value) results provided by YCharts ranked.

Source: YCharts.com

As noted above, the top 10 Buffett-selected dividend dogs screened 9/8/20, representing four of the eleven Morningstar regions showing the highest dividend yields.

Action Findings: Analysts Predict Five of the Top 10 Lowest Highest-Yield Buffett-Held Dog (32) 21.02% Vs. (33) 1. 17.11% Average Net profit By all 10 Come September 8, 2021

Source: YCharts.com

Each of the five lowest-priced stocks in each of the top 10 dividend Buffett-selected kennels had $ 1k invested as $ 1k, which the analyst reported as $ 5,000 of $ 5,000 for one-year goals. Was projected to give more profit. The lowest-priced selection, Suncor Energy was projected to give a best analyst-estimated net profit of 44.20%.

Source: YCharts.com

The five lowest-priced top-buffet-picked dividend dogs as of September 8 were: Suncor Energy, Synchronous Financial, Storage Capital, Kraft Heinz and Bank of New York Mellon, priced from $ 14.08 to $ 35.89.

As of September 8, there were five high-value Buffett-selected dividend dogs: US Bancorp, Coca-Cola, JP Morgan Chase, M&T Bank and PNC Financial Services Group, with prices ranging from $ 36.53 to $ 109.91.

The difference between five low-priced dividend dogs and a general area of ​​10 led to Michael B. for the Dow beating. Echoed O’Higgins’s “original method”. Estimated profit scales based on analyst goals added a unique element of “market perception”, reflecting reversal potential. This gave equal time to wait a year here to find out what could happen in the market. Caution is advised because analysts have historically been only 20% to 80% accurate in the direction of change and only 0% to 20% accurate on the degree of change.


If somehow you missed the suggestion of seven stocks ready for pick-up at the beginning of the article, the list finally has a reunion:

The latter seven of Buffett’s September batch (as of 9/8/20) realized the ideal of offering an annual dividend from a $ 1k investment: their single share prices, KHC, STOR, USB, SUF, SYF, BAC and SIRI.

The net profit / loss estimates above did not factor into any foreign or domestic tax problems resulting from the distribution. Consult your tax advisor about the source and consequences of “dividends” from any investment.

The stocks listed above were only suggested as possible reference points for your Buffett / Berkshire batch stock purchase or sales research process. These were not recommendations.

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Graphs and charts were compiled by Rydlun & Co., LLC from data obtained from www.indexarb; YCharts; finance.yahoo; Target value means by analyst YCharts. Dog Photo Source: pexels.com