Warnings against a batch of Modern’s COVID-19 vaccine

California’s top epidemiologist told healthcare providers Sunday that San Diego stopped using a batch of Modern’s COVID-19 vaccine with a “higher than normal” number after an apparently allergic reaction was given.

State epidemiologist Dr. Erica Paine said Sunday that “with extreme caution,” providers should stop using supplements until federal, state, and company officials are finished investigating.

Officials said California received approximately 330,000 doses from the Modern lot – about 10% of all vaccines, which are both Modern’s and Pfizer’s, distributed across the Golden State.

There were obvious allergic reactions at San Diego County’s drive-way mass vaccination site in Petco Park, California Public Health Spokeswoman Darrell Ng said.

A “higher than normal” number of patients receiving the vaccine appears to suffer from allergic reactions. Pan said his symptoms were serious and required medical attention.

Dr. Eric Macdonald, San Diego County’s director of epidemiology, said during a LiveStreamed news briefing on Wednesday that six health workers who had just been vaccinated during the operation at Petco Park were slowed down, causing allergies There was a reaction.

“This number, clustered together, was slightly higher than expected for the time period,” McDonald said. He said health providers are swapping batches of vaccines they were administering, in the “unlikely event” that reactions were linked.

“Any vaccination, whether it’s COVID vaccination or flu vaccination at your doctor’s office, should be given under medical supervision,” McDonald said. “In this case, with a new vaccine, there are very specific guidelines that all sites offering this vaccine must follow.”

This includes monitoring patients after being shot for at least 15 minutes, and prolonged cases where patients have a medical condition that may cause an allergic reaction.

The Petco Park site has the capacity to administer 5,000 shots per day. It is one of several mega-sites that launched in California within the past week, including a similar clinic at Dodger Stadium, which city officials say will soon have a capacity of about 12,000 shots.

Officials said no other issues, or personal issues with Modern Batch, were reported about the 041L20A lot, which was distributed to 287 medical providers across the state. The batch arrived in California between January 5 and January 12.

The state said in a statement sent to medical providers, “There are no immediate replacement doses during the pause, in addition to pending orders for shipment in the next few days.”

Modern did not immediately return a request seeking comment.

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