WarnerMedia layoff hopes hit Warner Bros., HBO

WarnerMedia expects to have at least 800 employees in its Warner Bros. and HBO operations, as part of a broader restructuring by the unit’s CEO, Jason Killer.

According to people familiar with the case, Warner Bros. is expected to begin layoffs of about 650 people starting Monday, while HBO appears to be shedding between 150 and 175 employees. A WarnerMedia spokesperson declined to comment.

An important task of operating the media company was unveiled after Killer arrived on Friday, laying out top programming leaders from HBO Max, Robert Greenblatt and Kevin Reilly and completing WarnerMedia’s production operations in a single operation Gone. In his place, Killer hired Warner Bros. chief Ann Sarnoff to develop content for the new streaming service, as well as a basic cable network: TNT, TBS and TruTV to focus on the company’s larger entertainment. HBO Max general manager Andy Forssel was put in charge of the business operations of the new unit.

Other media companies have begun to excuse employees as they not only grapple with the economic decline from the coronavirus epidemic, but also the rush of consumers from linear television to on-demand streaming video. NBCUniversal, a Comcast-owned media giant, has been slashing staff in recent times. That company has wrestled with economic headwinds due to theme-park closures, limits on content production and declining advertising. And earlier this week, it announced that it would be fostering a single executive, Frances Berwix, to manage content for streaming, cable and broadcast locations while looking for a new person to develop programming for the trio. .

The move is likely to raise concern at WarnerMedia, which has reorganized several areas of its business since the $ 85 billion acquisition by AT&T in 2018. Since AT&T the company was formerly known as Time Warner, the top official for years of distribution. , Programming and advertising sales have departed. Killer’s ascent to the CEO role in May only served to recalibrate more.

AT&T bought the company with an eye toward expanding its corporate tenders in content production, and executives used Time Warner’s HBO service as the center for a new, wider streaming-video outlet Worked hard, presenting the high-polish series as “Succession”. “And” Chowkidar “but extensive fare like a reunion of” Friends “and the new Seth Rogen comedy vehicle” An American Pickle “.

The task has not been an easy one. AT&T made a significant start to boost its purchases and the industry’s so-called “streaming wars” attracted many powerful entities into the fray. Comcast has also launched Mayur, an NBCUniversal service in recent months, and ViacomCBS and Discovery have indicated that they intend to join the fight more fully in the coming weeks.

As the media sector focuses more on satisfying customers with on-demand zones for their preferred series, they are working on ways to manage their chain’s availability through separate “windows” . In time, this meant a viewer to watch linear TV and streaming for content related to the same series or specials, and less dependence on the different groups of employees assigned to manage specific media locations New emphasis may mean.