Warner Bros. did not share detailed box office numbers on Tetate

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Warner Bros. are constantly making Interesting Decision Release around and distribution of Christopher Nolan’s theory, This time breaking the commonly agreed criteria for how box office profits are reported. Apparently, other studios in the business are not happy.

Reported by Variety, Failed to report daily numbers for WB theory, Instead producing a limited amount of data on a sporadic Aadhaar, which Variety cautions Selected breadcrumbs of information to the press and rivals in the film industry ”. According to Variety’s sources, calm is due to being linked to a defensiveness Along with the epidemic — Warner Bros. feared that the film would be considered a failure by reporting detailed, daily numbers by convention, while releasing large numbers at short intervals was generally preferable.

Also interesting here, is that other studios agree for Warner Bros. Initial request to hide the number, though they think Frustrated with the fast-moving secrecy. The number is usually reported by third-party research company RentRack, and it apparently had to seek permission from other anonymous studio heads to hide the data. Warner Bros. and Concourse, Rantrack’s parent company, declined to comment on the situation for diversity.

It is understandable, however, why Warner Bros. would fail to report the numbers: they are not good, at least not in the United States. During its first weekend, it originated About $ 9 million dollars, While it reached only $ 6.7 this weekend, a 29% drop in sales. Weekday preview combined with screening And this The extended holiday weekend, which combined for a gross debut of $ 20 million, dropped $ 6.7 million even more. While the global debut Better still, around $ 200 million, it certainly looks like it wasn’t the time to release the film if Warner Bros. intended to make a buck on it. And the company is (Seemingly) eager to obscure that harsh reality if it can happen.

theory Is in theaters now, and You should not see it.

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