Warner Bros. and Sony at Hidden Box Office from Rival Studios at ‘Tents’ and ‘Broken Hearts Gallery’: Here’s How – Deadline

As if there were no major problems in the world during the epidemic … but, yes, Warner Bros. and Sony are saving their box office hour figures from rival studios in ComScore upon their respective releases. theory And Broken Hearts Gallery.

We’ve known about this for some time, but it has become a big deal now because the blackout was only expected to last a week for Warner Bros., and it now extended to the second weekend, including Sony became involved.

Comscore is a data crossway between exhibitors and distributors. As movie theaters make their money on titles each hour, distributors and exhibitors can see how a film is performing at the box office and project what it will do for the day or weekend. Rival studios pull from this data, build their own internal top weekend industry box office charts twice a day (or more) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and throughout the week, and share it with their top brass and filmmakers We do.

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It is preventing Warner Bros.-Sony box office cover ups, the press, providing you, the town, with box office figures on Fridays and Saturdays and throughout the week. We only get the number on Sunday when Warner sends it to us, and it is only a number. And so, as the press finds out what happens at the box office on Sunday morning, so are the rival studios. Rival studios are no longer finding out about the figures in real time.

We, the press and rival studios, are still in the dark on the daily breakdown theory. Sources, who have pulled Intel from the exhibition, believe the $ 20.2M 11-day domestic breakdown of the Nolan film follows = $ 2.5M for the first weekend in Canada, $ 3 for the 3-day $ 12M for 11.2M, 4-12 days in the preview and the rest. We will come back in this one moment.

Why are rival studios tickled by this?

Dacre Montgomery and Geraldine Viswanathan star in TriStar Pictures’ “The Broken Heart Gallery”.

Not necessarily being used for box office hours prevents distribution executives from doing their job and provides health to its filmmakers and top executives or is lacking in the market. If they can’t drill down and see how theater is doing in Chicago, Detroit, or Tupelo, how can they decide whether to release the film right now or bad? I mean, we all know it’s not good at the box office right now. But some films can play in the Red States, which are opening for theaters right now, i.e. Solstice Studios’ unhinged, Which is $ 12.1M as of Thursday. Changing these last minute dramatic dates with Warner, ie pushing Wonder Woman 1984 On Christmas day from October 2, another distributor can swoop into movies, and provide the exhibitor with the product so they can survive. Being used for drill-down theater hours helps a lot; It really helps the industry overall. Obviously, how can large circuits look theory And Broken heart gallery Are doing in comScore, but cannot access small theater service (such as Intel is not suitable for being on the premium tier). Monitoring studio health in a way theory To advance ticket sales systems is through their access.

If there is no transparency in box office figures between rivals, expect them to increase their snark at each other in the near future.

Why are Warner Bros. (and Sony) doing this?

Essentially, on Warner theory, Knowing that the box office would not be strong due to the epidemic, Christopher Nolan wanted to control his own statement in the press on how the film was doing. Far, and wrongly, the Wall Street media jumps the gun, reporting that the theatrical is dying, that the exhibition is done and that streaming is king.

Et Tennat 'Movie Theater
A film poster for Blaze Kopek R / C Wilkes-Barre Pa Movies general manager Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet had 14 tucks that opened last weekend.

Warner is trying to protect the exhibit, and bangs the drum on his message theoryBox office play will not be common, but is to be determined in the long run, especially with coastal cities such as San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, where Nolan’s films play. They did not want the gun to bounce and the box office data be recorded on the film leaked from rival studios. Due to the respect of rivals, Warner Bros., as they were the first studios dying to reinvent movie theaters, the press asked to deal with each studio only on its own box office figures. At the end of the day, the difference between a studio report and a rival report on the weekend is within a decimal point; There is not really a big difference between estimates.

Comscore cannot talk to the press about this topic. But some rivals are considering an exit from the box office share system if Warner Bros., and now Sony, continue with their game. Now, I don’t think it will come to that; Sources say that this box office preservation is temporary for a month or two, probably until the opening of New York and LA.

Now, Warner Bros., step into my office, take a seat for a minute and close the door. Sony, you can listen too. No one is in town, and i mean no one wants theory to fail. None.

However, the box office numbers speak for themselves, and to advance an ’emperor’s new clothes’ at the box office figures, that this is the order of the new world, does no one any good. Everyone knows that $ 20.2M in 11-days is not very good, and indicates that we are still in the rebuilding phase in relation to filmmaking during the epidemic. Only 70% of all theaters are open, with the auditorium having a capacity of around 25%.

It is possible tomorrow that AM Warner Bros. could provide us with a home run instead of a second weekend breakdown theory. Because theory This weekend is going to make $ 7M- $ 8M, which will repeat a 63% second weekend drop on the film if you incorrectly compare it to an 11-day total of $ 20.2M. So, now what, Warner? Better tell us theory Made $ 11.2M in its 3-day last weekend, and is holding up well over the weekend with a 2 -33% hold, that is, if it comes to $ 7.5M.

It is okay to say that you are here to revive theaters, and this film will do what it can. However, in the era of social media there is a big question and concern which we (which, duh, was not around in the 1970s, was influencing the Tampole platform release) theory Is in it for the marathon. Not until the infrastructure of the entire exhibition is back, can we expect strong earnings for any film.

Warner Bros.

Big challenge for Warner Bros. this time theory: How do you climb back from a B Cinemascore and so PostTrak exits? Keep in mind that people who vote by CinemaScore are the most committed and loyal filmmakers; Who were ready to come out first during an epidemic. They are not a group of people. (And, by the way, I think CinemaScore doesn’t vote in LA and NY generally, but in the suburban elections, so nothing was overwhelming last weekend. Voting in NYC and LA was one of the cinematographer’s box office formulas. Will mess with, which is tied to the exit.).

theory 79% overall was positive on Posttrack, with 49% being the definitive recommendation. Dunkirk 63% was the definitive recommendation. Warner, you previewed theory Three days before opening. Word of Mouth is out, and Review was the strongest of Naughten, at 74% fresh Rotten Tomatoes. It is a film with its non-star cast, long running film and plot complexity that runs not in Central America but in big cities. For the return of the filmmakers, besides opening the film over the Labor Day weekend, theory There may not have been an ideal film in the beginning which the audience can see again as a society from the epidemic. Let’s not forget one of the golden rules of the box office: the market is product-driven. Some believe that once Nolan reopens San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles theory Could see revival in its gross. Warner will definitely spend P&A in those markets when the time comes and clears Wonder Woman 1984 Helps out of october theory.

Now putting theorySome appropriate Warner Bros. box office figures, in proper context. theoryThe weekend’s opening figures (which I gave you above) are very high as a result of a digital campaign. Some used to spend on tv theory During the NBA game (not so much cable), but by and large, the photo had a digital / online campaign in its opening weekend. iSpot TV Spot Spending Estimate supports this. Before this weekend, Warner spent $ 8.5M in a TV spot theory, Vs. Disney’s total cost of $ 35M Mulan ($ 14M coming from the subsequent PVOD push). WarnerMedia Studios and Networks boss Ann Sarnoff told us that P&A costs theory For the next 11 weeks (in fact, unless Disney / Marvel will have a marquee feature in theaters, not front-loaded, but will spread) Black widow Arrives on November 6). So maybe when the studio spends more in TV, we will see an incremental difference theoryAt the box office.

AMC Fashion Valley
time limit

Warner Bros. it’s terrible what you’re doing here theory To bring back the exhibition. But it’s okay if the film doesn’t do well in the long run. theory Will probably lose money – just deal with it. Actually. Seriously. deal with it. You will remake the road on another film. And this does not mean that the exhibition is dead or that models of dramatic windows have gone the way of the dinosaurs. What are you doing here theory, The slower the turnstiles are, the better they are, this is a disadvantage. The exhibition will not forget about it and they love what you are doing. Remember, when a studio sends a movie over streaming or PVOD, what the movie theater hates the most; This is the biggest stab in the back.

At a time when everyone demands truth and accountability from the highest pamphlets of the government (and you know what I am talking about), it does the industry no good to hide box office figures, Warner Brothers.

Chin up, and share those figures.

You too, sony

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