Want more details on Tesla Cybertruck? Elon Musk just launched a new provocation

Too bad for Hot Wheels and all the people around the world who made Tesla Cybertruck replicas. Time to remove those door handles, unless of course Elon Musk is speaking in code about something else. He could easily have said, “There will be no door handles.” However, he omitted the word “door.”

Perhaps Musk simply assumed that people would understand what handles he was referring to. Let’s face it, a car doesn’t really have many other handles. Still, Musk is known for his cryptic tweets and replies.

As the story goes on Zack (@JubanMohamed), tweeted a question to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. We can only imagine that this happens tens, if not hundreds, of times a day. Musk has a reputation for responding and interacting on Twitter, but it seems who he chooses to interact with is pretty random.

Some people have said in the past that Musk only primarily interacts with a close circle of his fans. Others have noticed when you react to something posted by a Twitter user with an official blue check mark. However, it seems that if the time is right, Musk is willing to interact with anyone. Remember, you responded to my daughter’s letter about the business contest, which became Project Loveday.

Zack follows 56 accounts on Twitter and only has 54 followers. Musk was certainly not looking for large and / or official accounts here. Yet somehow, he saw Zack’s question and gave an answer.

Maybe a Tesla without door handles? Have we seen this before? We sure have. We just need Tesla owners online to remind us.

What do you think Musk is referring to? If it’s simply the fact that the Tesla Cybertruck won’t have door handles, what do you think about it? Scroll down and leave us a comment.

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