Want a cheap 98 inch 4K display? Check out this insurance of Xiaomi

98-inch Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV MAX – 19,999 yuan from Mi
(About $ 2,800 / £ 2,200 / AU $ 4,000)
This absurdly large display of Xiaomi is really economical, given its size. The screen is as large as a double bed, with viewable dimensions of 2190 x 1255 mm. It is only available in China for now, but check out this space. See deal

Meet up Redmi smart tv max, A 98-inch TV that comes with its own white glove VIP installation service. Available at 19,999 yuan (that’s US $ 2,800, £ 2,200, AU $ 4,000), this absurd large-scale display isn’t really so expensive.

The next cheapest 98-inch display in the market is ViewSonic IFP9850, A touchscreen monitor that costs almost three times as much.

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