WandaVision’s “Agatha All Along” Gets The Trap Remix It Deserves

Kathryn Hahn stars in WandaVision

Kathryn Hahn stars in WandaVision
Photo: Marvel studios

This post breaks down the details of the latest episode of WandaVision, “Breaking the fourth wall. “

To be honest, we all saw it coming, but that didn’t make the great WandaVision reveal about Katherine hahnThe character was less fun when played to an Agatha theme song on Friday’s episode of the Disney + series.

A quick summary for those of you who don’t watch Wanda or have been under the mind control of a certain Sarkovian: In episode seven, “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, it is revealed that Agatha (Katherine Hahn) has been secretly pulling many of the strings behind the scenes in Wanda (dis-track survivor Elizabeth Olsen) Mind-controlled oasis of domestic bliss, Westview. Now we know that nosy neighbor Agatha is actually Agatha Harkness and that she sabotaged the talent show in “Don’t touch that dial“And he put Herb (David Payton) under his spell on”Now in color. “She is even responsible for The Arrival of Fake Pietro (Evan Peters) in Westview. Oh yeah, and she killed Sparky.

Agatha Harkness is a character who has been to varying degrees of mentor and villain in Marvel Comics’ past, so it’s still unclear what her end goal is, but we know she loves a good classic TV theme. Her cowardly acts are revealed on “Breaking The Fourth Wall” through a ridiculously caught theme song for her fictional sitcom, “Agatha All Along.” The ditty has been stuck in fans’ heads since the episode broke the internet (or at least broke Disney + for a few hours) early Friday morning. And now we’ve entered the remix phase of the song’s place in pop culture.

Leland philpot released a “trap / hiphop” remix of the song on Twitter Saturday, and it deserves a lot of attention. In the words of one of our hippest and most music-savvy employees, “remix hits.”

After seeing the remix start to gain traction on Twitter, Philpot decided bring your work to TikTok, where you expect me to spark the latest dance craze. He personally can’t dance so he lets more coordinated people come up with what the dance challenge should be and left a downloadable version of the track in his bio to help facilitate dance videos.

We are not going to record ourselves playing the remix, but know that we are doing it from our couch.


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