WandaVision star Paul Bettany reveals his Marvel future as the vision

Since the end of Avengers: Infinity War throughout the entirety of WandaVision On Disney +, many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been wondering what’s next for Vision and actor Paul Bettany. It was unclear if his character’s resurrection was permanent, and the show eventually revealed that the Scarlet Witch recreated him from memory while his body was left to be experienced by SWORD. But this new version of Vision had an awakening in the WandaVision series finale, thanks to a thought experiment and some intervention from his Westview-created counterpart, and now the character’s fate is unknown.

But Bettany isn’t done with Marvel Studios yet. While talking to Esquire about his time in WandaVision, made it clear that he plans to stay in the MCU for a long time.

“I love Vision. Yes, I’m in,” Bettany said when asked if she would play Vision forever.

The actor also expressed his excitement about having a substantial opportunity to delve into the android. His character only played minor roles in the Iron Man Y Avengers movies before appearing in WandaVision. Bettany wondered what her character would be like without Wanda by her side.

“I mean, that’s the question, right? I’ve never had a loved one to lose … I don’t know what pain is because I’ve never had a loved one to lose,” Bettany said. “There is a lot to talk about with him because they have spent ten minutes here, ten minutes there, in the movies,” he adds. “Now we are starting to get rid of some things.”

Bettany had to do double duty in the last episode of WandaVision after it was revealed his body was reassembled. The two Visions confronting each other in Wanda’s Hex proved to be a major highlight for fans, but it was difficult for the actor playing two roles.

“I was super intimidated by myself,” Bettany joked. “There would come a day and it would be Vision or The Vision. Then Adam [Lytle], my specialist, would play Vision. And he learned all the dialogue and for both parties, it was brilliant. We would play the scene like this. And then the next day he would go inside. And he would get The Vision. Then I would get Vision. And then we would play the scene like this and the same in fights so that they could always have my beautiful face on camera, at some point. It was more confusing than I had assigned. He used all of my brain. “

All episodes of WandaVision they are now broadcasting on Disney +.


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