WandaVision Finale Image teases Scarlet Witch, Vision and the Twins team up

Disney releases an official image from the WandaVision finale that shows Scarlet Witch, Vision and their twin sons, Billy and Tommy, teaming up.

A picture of WandaVisionThe ending taunts Scarlet Witch, Vision, and the twins who team up to save Westview. Just a few weeks ago, Marvel Studios kicked off Phase 4 with its first Disney + series. WandaVision ended a long drought of Marvel Cinematic Universe content and has fascinated viewers on a weekly basis. The show has given Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany a chance to shine as Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, and Vision, respectively. But, WandaVision it has also progressed them significantly.

Wanda and Vision’s domestic life in Westview brought them a family, as Wanda gave birth to Billy and Tommy shortly after arriving. To their surprise, the twins developed their own superpowers. Billy has magical powers like his mother, while Tommy’s superspeed resembles Quicksilver. Although the whole family now has powers, WandaVision you have yet to introduce them all working together. As expected, it looks like that will change during WandaVisionend of.

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Disney released a new image of the WandaVision ending showing Scarlet Witch, Vision, Billy and Tommy working together. Each member of the family is in a fighting stance ready to spring into action, presumably against Agatha Harkness, who was recently revealed to be the series’ true villain. Eagle-eyed fans may also notice that Billy’s hands and fingers resemble the gestures Wanda makes when doing magic.

The family team scoffed at this. WandaVision The final image is long overdue and marks the first time that everyone has been together in a few episodes. Vision left alone at the beginning of episode 6 and had not yet returned to the family at the end of the last episode. Billy and Tommy were last seen at the end of episode 8 still in Agatha Harkness’s clutches, so meeting their parents here is a good sign that Wanda sets them free.

As nice as WandaVision It has been, the show hasn’t had as much action as many MCU fans would have hoped. This image should be a good reminder that the ending will be full of showmanship. The family working together puts two magic users, a speedster and a synth, fighting side by side. Since Agatha or White Vision (or both) are likely in front of them, it will take all of the family’s powers to save Westview. Also, Monica Rambeau has superpowers now and the fake Pietro still exists so there will be no shortage of superpowers in the mix like WandaVisionFinish the story.

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