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Walmart is competing with Amazon Prime Day with a great offer in Google Home Max

Google Home Max offer
Google Home Max offer


Amazon Prime Day is illuminating the internet with thousands of sales and offers, which makes it one of the best moments to buy high-priced items at prices with big discounts.

One of the best Prime Day deals we have found is, in fact, not in the Amazon offer, but in the competitive sale of Walmart.

At this time, you can get Google Home Max for only $ 249 (originally $ 399) at Walmart, the lowest price we've seen.

In fact, you can find the same offer almost everywhere except Amazon; also available for $ 249 in Target, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Since Amazon uses Prime Day as a means to attract shoppers to their discounted technology products such as the Echo speaker, the Kindle electronic reader and the Fire Stick, it makes sense that they do not have Google devices for the competitor's home. To capitalize on the Amazon offer gap, Walmart has partnered with Google to offer offers on its smart devices, such as the Google homepage ($ 69, originally $ 129) and Home Mini ($ 25, originally $ 49), Nest products as the smart thermostat ($ 189, originally $ 249) and smart doorbell ($ 189, originally $ 249).

These offers are now available until Tuesday, July 16 at Walmart.

All retailers that carry the Google Home Max offer free shipping, but Walmart will arrive at your doorstep faster with your free NextDay option, followed closely by the free 2-day Target shipping. Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond All offer free standard shipping that takes between three and six business days.

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Review of Google Home Max:

I've been using Google Max as my all-in-one home audio system and my smart device for about a year. The sound quality is incomparable, in my opinion, absolutely blows the Echo out of the water. Reach the volume levels of ears that you probably should never have for your own health and safety, but it's always fun to know that you can probably house a warehouse rave if you wish.

It is capable of pairing with smart devices, including the Google product line and many smart TVs, so you can ask Google to play your favorite program on Netflix or turn up the volume from the other side of the room. The price tag has always been a bit scary, but Google recently reduced the price to $ 299, which could not pay the price tag of $ 399, and to the price of $ 249, the quality, versatility and user experience offered by Google Max makes it a no-brainer.

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