Walmart e-commerce boss Mark Lore to leave

E-commerce entrepreneur Mark Lore, who hit back against Walmart Inc. against Amazon. Com Inc is leaving the retail giant as many of its online operations were absorbed into the rest of its business.

Mr. Lore, who founded and bought his startup after joining Walmart in 2016, pushed the bricks-and-mortar giant to expand its online offerings, including adding more web inventory and distribution centers.

But in recent years many of their territories were added to Walmart’s store operations. Walmart closed to focus on, and its e-commerce executives and teams reported to the head of Walmart’s US stores.

Walmart said its e-commerce head Mr. Lore would retire on January 31 and stay on as an advisor until September. The company said it consolidated its US stores and e-commerce operations in 2020. After Mr. Lore’s exit, the business will continue to report to John Furner, CEO of the company John User.

“I think we had a five-year plan that we wanted to fulfill and I think we did exactly what we wanted to do,” Mr. Lore said in an interview. “Hopefully by that time we will convert e-commerce and stores into an omni-organization and we will have a leader.”


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