Walmart brings gateway computer

Gateway is making a comeback to Walmart and the year of wild throws continues. Someone at the big retailer decided it would be a good idea to throw it back at the turn of the millennium. So, as all the early-age nostalgia of the last few years have finally come around to home computing trends. For those unaware, the affordable brand grew in popularity in the 90s before it was bought by Acer. Now, Walmart has decided to roll back that frugal approach with machines starting at $ 200. But, not all offerings at the entry level. There are manufacturer-centric systems that reach $ 1200. You can scan new offerings on Walmart’s site right now, but apathy is going to attract a lot of customers. There is really something real about seeing that cow-printed box in the year 2020.

“We are very excited to offer these brand new Gateway products to our customers,” said Nicole Kakunda, Senior Sales Director of Computing at Walmart, in a press release, “We cater to a wide assortment of computing products” Want to do. The needs of our customers – whether they are looking for a new laptop for school or a new tablet for work and these are welcome for our lineup. ”

Acer said they were excited to reinvigorate the brand.

“The Gateway PC brand and its famous cow-spot boxes have been well-liked since 1985 in the United States,” began Jade Zhou, head of global strategic alliances for Acer. “Acer is thrilled that Walmart is becoming the exclusive provider of Gateway-branded notebooks and tablets. We’re delighted that customers in the United States and Puerto Rico enjoy the beloved Gateway brand again through one of the world’s top retailers Will have the opportunity to take.

The Gateway describes their laptop:

Gateway laptops are powered by Intel processors and AMD Ryzen ™ mobile processors with Radeon ™ graphics. The AMD Ryzen mobile processor with Radeon graphics has a powerful combination of processor and graphics technology for efficient and exceptional performance. AMD Ryzen mobile processors with Radeon graphics provide amazing power and efficiency; Great HDR quality visuals for streaming and playing games; And responsive processing power for every need.

Gateway laptops include Microsoft Windows 10 Home to start faster, switch tasks quickly and connect smoothly. Microsoft Windows 10 Home comes with built-in security features, Windows Hello for fast, secure and password-free unlocking, Focus Assist to block notifications, Microsoft photos to organize, and photos to share There is a simpler way, and let Xbox Game Bar instantly chat with your friends, monitor performance and take screen recordings.

Would you be interested in a gateway? Does all this sadness confuse you? Tell us in the comments!