Waiting for an ocean pickup, astronauts make ‘prank call’

– When astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken landed in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, they had time to burn before their pickup boat arrived. Fortunately, he had a satellite phone. Hurley said later in a press conference, “Five hours ago we were in a spaceship making prank satellite phone calls.” The way it was fun. “So who did they call? At least something according to Space.com Familiar name. “I received one of these calls in the flight director console,” Tweeted NASA flight director Anthony Varah. “It started with opening lines like ‘Hi, It’s Doug and Bob and we’re at sea.” I think my response was, ‘Yes, I can see it.’

Behanken’s wife is a fellow astronaut named Megan McArthur, and she also gets a call. “On my phone it said ‘spam risk.’ Glad I answered anyway! ” Tweeted. Hurley and Behanken spent 9 weeks in space, and their successful mission led to another ambitious launch by SpaceX in September to the International Space Station for six crew members. It marked the first time a private company launched astronauts into space on a commercial spacecraft, notes Futurism. (Read more astronaut stories.)