Wait, will Halo Infinite be delayed until 2022?

Wait, it is Infinite halo about to be delayed until 2022? The new aura The game was originally scheduled to launch in the 2020 holiday season, alongside Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and also via Xbox One and PC, but was then delayed until late 2021. Since its delay, we haven’t seen much of it. of the game beyond development updates. That said, the game is still scheduled to release later this year, but now some players are concerned that it could make it to 2022.

On Twitter, Bloomberg Jason schreier recently responded to a tweet suggesting that both Infinite halo Y Starfield are on track to launch this year with an “I don’t know about that”, which naturally has aura fans a little worried. That said, if you are a aura fan, no need to sound the alarms, at least not yet.

For one thing, it’s unclear if Schreier’s answer refers to both games, just Infinite halo, or alone Starfield. In other words, there is a possibility that it is not even a question of Infinite halo. Two, it is unclear how much of this skepticism is based on things that Schreier has heard against his own expectations. Many games have already been delayed from 2021 to 2022, and I know of at least a few more that are on track to add to the year of delays.

For what it’s worth, various sources, ranging from credible to less than credible, have claimed Starfield will be released this year, what you can do Infinite halo the more likely of the two to be delayed, but since Infinite halo It was supposed to launch in the holidays of 2020, it is hard to imagine it sliding until 2022. It is not impossible, but that would be quite a major mistake on the part of Microsoft and 343 Industries.

As of press time, none of the aforementioned parties have commented on any of the above speculations. With that said, if this changes, we’ll make sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on the upcoming sci-fi shooter and all things gaming, including all the other latest speculation out there, click here.


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