Wait, Lindsay Graham wants someone to issue tax returns?

Over the weekend, Graham Tweeted It: “It’s been 72 hours for me to issue 11 years of state and federal tax returns and challenged @HarrisonJaime to do the same. Cricket. What is he hiding?”
And then on Monday, at a press event at a gun shop, Graham said this to Harrison: “I have issued 11 years of my tax return. Where are your tax returns? How did you make your money?”

Harrison has not yet formally responded – or released its returns.

If all of this sounds a bit familiar, well, that’s because it is.

President Donald Trump consistently refused to release any tax returns, becoming the first president in the modern era to do so. Trump has offered all kinds of excuses to keep his taxes private – from the fact that he is under audit (five years and counting!) To the notion that the tax return is actually all you need for someone’s financial situation. Does not tell so much about.

Graham, despite being one of Trump’s harshest critics during the 2016 Republican primary race, has now transformed himself into one of the president’s most loyal allies.

And as you might guess, he hasn’t beaten the drum to issue some tax returns, beyond a broad call to his friend. Graham said in 2019, “I think if you are running for the presidency in 2020 you should release your tax return. I think everyone should do it. These are just my thoughts. This country Would be good for
But since then, well, not too much – even Trump has fought Congress and Manhattan District Attorneys in the Supreme Court to keep their taxes.

If the sickle is good for Hans, Graham must be wondering not what Harrison is hiding by not releasing his returns but what Trump is hiding too. right? right?!!

Point: Ironically, it has been in a serious state for some time, at least in politics. Graham, in trying to make the lack of transparency on tax returns an issue in his reelection race, would have killed it off completely.