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Waffle House shot: alleged gunman thought that the laptop was pirated

Reinking told technicians that his computer had been working and that the USB port was not working, so the technician reformatted his hard drive, a common troubleshooting measure, which erased data from Reinking's hard drive , owner of Dang It Repairs Robert Hartline told CNN

It is common for customers to come complaining that their machine has been hacked, he said.

Reinking left the device on March 19 and picked it up the next day, Hartline said. At no time did Reinking ask for the computer to be cleaned, he said.

"He's very intelligent, he knows a lot about computers, he tried to do the same problem solving as our technicians," Hartline said of the alleged shooter. "I knew it very well, it's not stupid."

When asked if the authorities could retrieve any of the deleted data, Hartline said the FBI has means to view the remnants of the deleted data.

"There could be things that could get out of there," he said.

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Hartline said that nothing about Reinking's behavior was unusual on March 19 or 20, but on April 11, about a week and a half before the shooting in Antioch, his store received a strange call from the 29-year-old.

"Sorry, do you want to make a backup disk? Or …" asks a technician, according to a recording of the phone call.

Reinterpreting interrupts by saying: "You already know what I'm talking about."

The technician tells Reinking he does not understand.

"No, eh, yes, that's what I'm saying, if I made a backup disc and kept it for later and someone analyzed it, they will not find anything in it that you put there, will they?" Reinking asks the technician. "Why are they doing this man? I do not understand, why … what are you getting out of this?"

"I'm not sure I understand the question," replies the technician. [19659002] Reuse calls the liar technician.

"If you would like to take the device, we will be happy to take a look," says the technician.

"Yeah, well, go kill yourself, then jump off a bridge or something," says Reinking before hanging up.

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Hartline said that if Reinking had said something more threatening, like "I'm going to kill "you" – he would have taken it more seriously. Instead, he simply felt that Reinking was being an idiot.

Since the shooting, Hartline passed the recording of the conversation to the police in Nashville. contacted by the FBI.

"They may have approached the store, but I'm hard to get," he said.

Reinking has been charged with four counts of criminal homicide in connection with Sunday's shooting. He faces four counts of attempted murder and one count of illegal possession of weapons in the commission of a violent felony.

A mass persecution was launched after Reinking fled the naked restaurant and was arrested about 35 hours later, when A woman at a construction site in Antioch saw him in the forest.

Correction: This story and title have been updated to correct the reason why Reinking initially visited the store. The store owner tells CNN that Reinking brought the computer because he thought it had been hacked, not for the hard drive to be cleaned.


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