Volume level issues appear in some pixel 5 units

Pixel 5 already had a rocky start thanks to issues related to gaps, battery indicator stalling, a proximity sensor flicker bug and now displaying some volume level problems.

Increasing reports on Google’s support forums have led to complaints of volume level control on the new Pixel 5 units. Issues appear in two areas. First, when watching video content, the volume level can simply drop randomly without warning. Secondly, you can see a sudden surge in system volume levels such as notification tone, touch sound, a screenshot click, and system sound. The problem is that while using system-level volume controls and sliders, the problem still remains on some Pixel 5 handsets.

The issue has been reported since mid-October, but has been growing on sites like Reddit as more people have received their pre-orders and picked up the device. Fortunately, Google is now aware of volume issues plaguing some Pixel 5 owners and the Google Community Expert gave the following feedback on the Pixel Help Forum:

With each new Pixel phone we work to improve the volume to ensure that customers do not miss important phone calls and notifications. Settings for ringtones and notifications on pixels are tied together so these volume changes affect both these settings. Thank you for your feedback regarding these settings and we will work to improve future updates on the Pixel 5.

After experiencing it personally, it can be quite dangerous that your phone suddenly drops out when you feel that you have set the volume to its lowest level. Of course, a temporary solution is to simply put your phone in Vibrate or Silent mode – something that you can actively do daily when you are suffering.

Google’s response to public complaints points to an expectation for this bug (hopefully) not too far into the future. If you are experiencing a volume issue on your Pixel 5, you can submit a bug report by sending feedback about Settings> About Phone> About this device, which can help resolve this issue quickly .

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