Volkswagen shows that it is serious about Hot Hatch Wars with GTI TCR inspired by racing

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Volkswagen has been fighting for the trenches of the War of the Great Hot Hatch for 43 years. The Golf / Rabbit GTI has been on the front line from the beginning and has moved far away from the competition from France and Japan. In the latest version of the GTI's additional performance, which Volkswagen presented in the form of a production "concept" almost last year, it channels its TCR racing car to create a 286-horsepower version of the turbocharged 2-liter hatch. And if you live in the United States market, you can not have one.

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That power boost comes with an optional increase of 5 mph at the top speed of 161 mph and a sprint from 0 to 60 of just 5.6 seconds. The GTI TCR also comes with a set of standard equipment, which includes a locking differential, brake rotors with cross-perforations and LED headlights to name a few. The GTI TCR will only be available in the 3-door body style and with a 7-speed DSG transmission. All this performance comes with a mbadive price of $ 44,295.

This TCR model comes with a variety of standard 18 "wheels, although you can order 19s with an upgrade package, and visually, the TCR will be differentiated with a sticker with the name, black exterior mirror covers, rocker covers, a front divider, a new roof spoiler and a rear diffuser, the car will also project "TCR" on the pavement below when you open the driver's door.You can choose a decal with honeycomb design for each side of the car, caps of carbon door mirror, and a roof painted black.

The aforementioned upgrade package includes 19 "wheels with wider performance tires (or sports-ready semi-slick tires), a 5 mph increase in maximum speed, improved rear shocks and the adaptive chbadis control system Volkswagen DCC The standard package will cost $ 2670 while the race tire package adds $ 3640 to the price tag Is there a world where a limited production version of Volkswagen's hot hatch production costs nearly $ 48,000? I guess so.

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