Vladimir Putin Writes Op-Ed for Bloomberg — No, Really


When he’s not combating suspicion for meddling in one other nation’s election or astride a horse whereas shirtless, Russian President Vladimir Putin additionally finds time to pen essays within the western media.

His newest foray simply appeared in Bloomberg. In it the Russian president lauds the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation discussion board which is about to happen in Danang, Vietnam this week.

The piece is a fairly dry affair, and largely reiterates bland platitudes on the worth of worldwide cooperation and the way he hoped APEC may badist Russia with quite a few strategic targets.

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“I am confident that, acting together, we will find solutions to the challenge of supporting the steady, balanced and harmonious growth of our shared region, and securing its prosperity. Russia is ready for such a collaborative effort,” he writes.

During his almost 20 years ruling Russia, Putin has forged a controversial shadow. His management has rejuvenated the nation after the autumn of Communism and its rapid aftermath, however he has additionally been related to the homicide of journalists and worldwide aggression within the area.

Most just lately, U.S. intelligence companies accused his authorities of attempting to meddle within the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

It’s not the fist time Putin’s unfiltered views have been printed in western media. In 2013, the autocrat additionally wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times urging warning within the U.S. method to the Syrian civil conflict.

“This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners,” Bloomberg wrote on the backside of the piece of their typical — however unusually essential — disclaimer.

The piece additionally features a technique to contact Putin himself.

If you’d wish to e mail the Russian president, he will be reached at en.letters.kremlin.ru.

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CNN’s firing of Jeffrey Lord leaves a gap for a new pro-Trump defender. Here are eight contenders.

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