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Vizio TV now shows information about its espionage settlement

As much as $ 31. That's your estimated value in resolving a class action lawsuit related to Vizio TVs and the practice of collecting data on what you're seeing. And the next time you turn on your Vizio TV, you may run into news of an unexpected windfall. Well, maybe it's not a stroke of luck, but the Vizio TVs (anyway, mine) are starting to show information about the agreement that the company made for accusations of collecting data incorrectly about what their customers were seeing. .

Vizio had already been fined $ 2.2 million by the FTC for the practice, and in 2018 reached a $ 17 million class action settlement, which brings us to today.

The information on the screen gives you a high level view of what is happening and how you could get up to $ 31 of the agreement. You will need to have a Vizio TV connected online between February 1, 2014 and February 6, 2017. You must register at VizioTVSettlement.com.

However, the $ 17 million reserved is not for consumers. They will get what is left after the attorneys' fees, court costs and other expenses. After that, those who file claims will be paid.

Vizio customers have until April 29, 2019 to file their claim, or to opt out or object to the agreement.

If you do nothing, you will not be paid and you will give up your right to sue Vizio for anything related to this case.

When you file your claim, you will be asked to provide your name and address, telephone number (for payment) and email address. You will also be asked for the date you purchased your Vizio TV, as well as the model number, if you know that information. Press the send button, and they will take things from there.

Here is the full text of what you will see on your TV:

Did you buy a VIZIO Smart TV connected to the Internet between February 1, 2014 and February 6, 2017? You can get money from a Class Action Settlement.

Estimated $ 13-31 for television. No receipt needed. To receive money, you must submit a valid Claim Form by April 29, 2019.


The class action lawsuit alleges that, between February 1, 2014 and February 6, 2017, VIZIO violated consumer and privacy laws by collecting viewing data from certain smart TVs for sale to advertisers without sufficient disclosure . VIZIO denies these accusations. The court has not decided who is right.

To exclude or object, send an Application to the Settlement Administrator with a postmark dated April 29, 2019. Exclusion requests can also be submitted online through the Settlement website, www.VizioTVsettlement.com. Disqualifications may not receive money from, or have rights under, the Agreement or be subject to rulings, but we will retain any right to sue VIZIO for these claims at your expense.

You do not need to appear in court or hire a lawyer, but you can appear with or without a lawyer under your care.

Details of the settlement at www.vizioTVsettlement.com

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