Virus Vaccine Testing Ramps as Mask Mandate Continues to Spread

For the first time in more than two weeks, Florida reported fewer than 9,000 new Coronavirus cases, But this is no reason for anyone to let go of their guard. In Miami-Dade County, the number of COVID-19 hospitals increased on Monday.

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As the news comes Florida overtakes New York In confirmed coronavirus cases. There is no mandatory facade order in Florida, but one in Palm Beach County survived a legal challenge on Monday.

While Planet Fitness now joins several companies Face cover is required, The nationwide dispute will not go away.

“They can’t tell me I have to wear a mask,” Florida resident Drew Reid told CBS-linked WINK-TV. “I’m not going to wear a mask to make anyone feel comfortable.”

A couple protests dressed at a Minnesota Walmart Mask with Nazi emblem. He has since been banned from the store.

Also plans sparking debate Reopening schools Continuing in just a few weeks, there is new concern about cases in children. Florida reported a 34% increase in total cases among people under 17 and a 23% increase in hospitalizations over an eight-day period.

Dr. with Nicklas Children’s Hospital of Miami. Marcos Mestre said that overall children have better results than adults, but they can infect others. Meanwhile, the Miami Marlins on Monday Canceled his domestic opener After 12 players and two coaches tested positive.

“We’re taking risks every day. Everyday we’re taking risks, so that’s what all the players in the league are doing,” Marlins manager Don Mattingly said.

With the league’s alleged scramble to trace team movements and contacts, the ripple effect is already putting the new season in question. “[It] Smells really, not to lie and sugarcut, is not good for anyone, ”said Citizens Manager Dave Martinez.

The Philadelphia Phillies game against the New York Yankees was also called off Monday night as the Marlins used the dugout.

World’s Largest COVID-19 Vaccine Study Started

In a glimpse of hope, the final phase of the trial in the world’s largest COVID vaccine study started on Monday. The first of 30,000 participants are now receiving experimental shots.

Vaccination Was developed by the National Institutes of Health and the Massachusetts biotech company Modern. It is one of many possible vaccines – showing some progress – yet there is no real promise to be effective.

TV anchor Don Baker at CBS affiliate WTOC-TV in Savannah, Georgia, is among those who participated in the vaccine trial.

“I think nothing happened today, even though I know a lot has been done,” she said. “I got upset sitting here that I could do nothing more than wear a mask and try to stay away from people.”

Each participant will receive a second dose after 28 days and will be monitored to see if the vaccine can effectively prevent infection. Half the patients received the vaccine and the others received the placebo.

Modern vaccine There is a new kind of technology that uses RNA or a piece of genetic code that tells cells in the body to make a modified “safe” version of viral protein. In turn, he triggers an immune response to fight the protein coronavirus.

Across the country, social interaction appears to be spreading. Nearly three dozen lifeguards tested positive after the gatherings in two cities in New Jersey, while 10 firefighters and 13 lifeguards tested positive in Newport Beach, California. Forty member a Church in Alabama Became infected after attending services.

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