Virus Peeps Indicates Stagnation for Holiday Behavior

Bethlehem, Pa. (AP) – Pus treat has been on highus for several months – another consequence of the coronovirus epidemic.

Just Born Quality Infections said it would not produce the popular marshmallow dessert for Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s Day as the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based company produces, reports next Easter.

Production of holiday-shaped candy in the form of coronaviruses spread across the state was suspended in the spring. Limited production resumed in mid-May with protocols for staff rescue, Just Born said.

“This situation helped us make the difficult decision to produce our seasonal candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day to meet the expected demand for peeps for our everyday candies, along with the next Easter season. To be focused. ” The company said.

For confectioners, Easter is the biggest and busiest time of the year. As children – and adults – use the holiday as an excuse to indulge in candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Just Bourne, which has been in business since 1923, said its other seasonal conflicts are expected to return to shelves by Halloween 2021.