Virus outbreak: News and analysis from November 15, 2020

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German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said the country would have to live with “considerable restrictions” against the spread of the virus for at least the next four to five months.

States across the US are tightening rules to stem Kovid-19. The Seattle Times stated that Washington Governor J. Inslee hopes to announce a ban on indoor social gatherings and food in indoor restaurants. August, California reported the most Covid-19 cases, a day after it joined Oregon and Washington in an appeal to appeal passengers to quarantine.

Elon Musk He said that “most likely” is a liberal case of Kovid-19. South Korea’s daily case captured a 2-month high and Tokyo recorded another 255 infections, while there were no new cases circulating locally in Singapore. Mexico cases crossed the 1 million mark.

Main development:

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Second waves

Outbreaks have led to shootings in major European economies and the US

Source: European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

Germany calls months of ‘notable ban’ (HK at 3:05 pm)

Germany will have to live with “considerable restrictions” against the spread of German coronoviruses for at least the next four to five months, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told the Bild am Sontag newspaper in an interview. The number of transitions was still very high and he currently saw “a little leeway” to open restaurants and theaters.

The newspaper reported that Germany could not “yo-yo shutdown” with the economy opening and closing continuously, a close confidant of Chancellor Angela Merkel told the newspaper.

US crosses 1,00,000 cases again (1:42 pm HK)

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg, the US added 160,788 new Kovid-19 cases on Saturday, its 10th consecutive day with more than 100,000.

A record 190,059 cases were counted on Friday.

China City virus found on some frozen food (1:21 pm HK)

Authorities in the Chinese city of Jinan said on Saturday that the novel coronovirus was found on frozen beef and trio from Brazil, Bolivia and New Zealand – and on the packaging of the products. China has vowed to disinfect all foreign shipments of cold-chain products to try and avoid any possible transmission of the virus.

UK Embassy of China will not accept NHS Kovid-19 report (HK at 12:52 pm)

China’s state-backed Global Times said in a tweet that the Chinese embassy in Britain has stopped accepting the Kovid-19 test report from the NHS, starting on Saturday, after some people tested positive for the virus in the report has gone. The tweet cited an embassy notice.

Washington announces new measures (10:01 am HK)

Washington Governor J. Inslee is expected to announce a ban on indoor social gatherings and food in indoor restaurants on Sunday morning, with the Seattle Times informing industry officials of the new restrictions.

The Governor’s order, aimed at combating the rapid increase in Kovid-19 cases in the state, would also include restrictions on indoor bar service and limit the number of retail customers allowed in one store at a time, including groceries and convenience stores , 25% of occupancy. The Times said the order was expected to last four weeks.

Mexico Cases Cross 1 Million (9:46 pm HK)

Mexico cases crossed the 1 million mark and the country recorded 5,860 new infections. Mexico becomes the fourth Latin American nation after Brazil, Argentina and Colombia – to reach that milestone.

Brazil reported the highest number of weekly cases since early September, according to the Saturday data on the Health Ministry website. About 259,000 infections were confirmed during the latest week, bringing the total to 5.85 million. The deaths increased to 4,552, the highest in six weeks.

Boost acceptance in trial success of Pfizer vaccine: Fauci (8:50 am)

The success of Pfizer Inc.’s Kovid-19 vaccine trial may encourage more people to vaccinate, top American infectious disease physician Anthony Fauci said. This vaccine, developed in collaboration with Germany’s Biotech SE, “has an exceptionally high level of efficacy – over 90%, close to 95%,” Fauci Said in an interview.

South Korea’s Daily Stats Rise to 2-Month High (HK at 8:50)

South Korea reported 208 new coronovirus cases in the last 24 hours on Sunday, the country’s largest daily gain since September. 1. The tally includes 176 local infections with 81 new cases in Seoul. South Korea is among the countries battling the new infection, as it had initial success with Kovid-19.

Musk says he is the ‘most liked’ virus (8 am HK)

Billionaire Elon Musk tweeted that he “most likely has” a moderate case of coronovirus, noting that his symptoms were a “minor cold”. But CEOs of Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. continue to doubt test accuracy, citing “wildly different results from different laboratories”.

He did not mention any results from the PCR test – more accurate than the rapid test.

Record after plea for Egyptian hits stringer rules (7:21 hk)

Missouri reported a record 6,346 cases, a day after health officials urged Governor Mike Parson to take drastic measures to curb the virus. “We have to do this or there is going to be a real crisis on our hands,” said Steve Stites, chief medical officer at the University of Kansas Health System. The Kansas City Star was quoted as saying.

The Republican governor, who has opposed a statewide facade requirement, relaxed quarantine guidelines for students and teachers on Thursday. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said Friday that he hopes to toughen the rules on restaurants and ceremonies.

Germany envisions war in lockdown ad (5:25 pm)

Germany’s government is promoting compliance with lockdown rules in a video that favors those who live in the house on their couch Hero of war.

Theatricality suggests that an older person reminisces about the “winter of 2020” when, as a young man, he would be socializing and enjoying life. Instead, the “invisible threat” of the virus meant “the fate of the country was suddenly in our hands.”

The video debates the narrator as a youth, lying inertly on the couch holding a TV remote. “Our bed was our front and patience was our weapon.” “And that’s how we became heroes.”

California Cases Hit 3-Month High (2:50 pm NY)

California added 9,875 cases, the largest increase of a day since August, and reported 81 new deaths, bringing the total to 18,218.

Cases in the state exceeded 1 million this week. The 14-day test positivity rate rose to a two-month high of 4.2%.

According to the county health department, Los Angeles County has confirmed 3,780 new cases, confirming the highest number of cases since mid-July for one day. The elevated cases reflect increased testing, although the positivity rate is “about 6% higher”, the agency said in a statement.

Virginia Expansion Ban (NY at 3:29 PM)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced new restrictions as the infections rose to record levels. From Sunday, the state will expand its facade mandate, lower its cap on gathering 250 to 25 individuals, strengthen enforcement for disturbances in retail businesses and other regulations, and a 10 o’clock liquor service curfew for restaurants and bars Will determine

“More people are dying,” Democrats and former military The doctor said Video released on Friday with his office Statement. “Face coverings are one of the best tools we have to fight Kovid-19, so everyone needs to wear them, ages 5 and up.”

The seven-day average for new infections among the state’s 8.5 million residents was a record 1,546 on Thursday. A total of confirmed cases breached 200,000 on Saturday.

Kovid infections grow in Virginia, Maryland and DC

Minnesota Hits Record (2:13 pm NY)

Minnesota recorded a record 8,703 infections on Saturday, as there are no signs of slowing the state’s Kovid-19 growth.

The seven-day average is now 5,868 compared to an average daily increase of 1,327 in the same period of the previous month. Another 35 deaths occurred, well below the 36-day seven-day average. The daily average was compared to 11 in the same period of the previous month. Are hospitalized.

North Dakota records after mask

North Dakota broke another record for new infections, 2,278, after Governor Doug Bergam reversed course and implemented a statewide masking order and other anti-virus measures.

The Republican governor, long reluctant to impose sanctions as North Dakota, became one of the hardest-hit states, in a video Friday night announced a mask mandate with other measures, noting that the hospital’s capacity strained And the state had tragically crossed the milestone “700 deaths”. Hours were limited to bars and restaurants, event capacity was reduced and winter sports were halted.

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