Virus outbreak: News and analysis from 14 December

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Vaccination against Covid-19 is set to begin Monday in the US, with deaths in the country approaching 300,000. The head of the government’s vaccine drive said that 80% of the population could be vaccinated by summer.

Morden Inc.’s US decision on the vaccine may come by the end of the week. In the meantime, a shot of China’s Sinoparme faced the opposite opposite of Peru. Suspended trial after “adverse event” while Bahrain became one of the first nations Approve the vaccine for wider use.

South Korea reported a drop in new cases after posting a record of more than 1,000 infections on Sunday. New York City will shut down indoor dining at restaurants and bars on Monday, while Germany is set to enter a tough lockdown on Wednesday.

Main development:

  • Global Tracker: Cases exceed 72.1 million; Deaths exceeded 1.6 million
  • Trump, top officials to be offered Kovid vaccine within days
  • Astra plots after Kovid’s future with $ 39 billion Alexian Deal
  • US lawmakers unveil $ 908 billion epidemic Relief scheme
  • Epidemic havoc exposes America’s style Gig Economy to South Korea

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Kovid-19 Vaccine Tracker

Can offer places in Pfizer, who got placebo (HK at 8:58 PM)

Pfizer Inc. and Biotech SE may soon allow participants in their Kovid-19 vaccine trial to know if they received Placebo, instead of the real thing, and get the real shot if they want.

“Pending approval, the Pfizer and BioNotech plans to provide an option for clinical trial participants who receive a placebo to receive the vaccine at set time points in the study,” Pfizer said in a statement. “This option will be voluntary and implemented in alignment with regulatory authorities where the test is being conducted.”

South Korea confirms 718 more infections (8:56 am HK)

After South Korea posted a record of more than 1,000 infections on Sunday, new cases dropped – to 718. Health officials announced that it was setting up around 60 temporary test centers at metro stations in Seoul for the latest dissemination.

Implementing social removal measures at the most important level is a last resort for South Korean Prime Minister Chung Seo-kyun Said in a meeting.

London Strikest Curse set for: Telegraph (7:49 am)

London will probably slip into England’s most restrictive Tier 3 coronavirus category as infection rates are rising so fast, while Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the government to close the capital’s schools from Tuesday, the Telegraph Reported.

The newspaper has expected MPs in London and surrounding areas to double the rate of infection for four days, citing health sources.

A spokesman for Khan told the newspaper that the matter was a decision for the government and health officials.

Ask Tokyo to reduce hours to open stores: NHK (7:12 am HK)

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK cited the unnamed person as saying that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s plan is to open the store to keep its reduced hours until January 11.

The Japanese government held a meeting as soon as Monday to discuss whether the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya would be excluded from the “Go to” travel campaign, NHK said.

Within days of vaccination being given to American leaders (4:39 pm NY)

President Donald Trump and other top US officials will be offered the newly-approved coronavirus vaccine within days as part of a plan to ensure continuity by the government amid the epidemic, people familiar with the effort said Sunday.

Vaccination will be offered to important personnel in all the three branches of government as deemed necessary and can be started. Just like Monday.

California retreats from record cases, death (2:05 PM NY)

New California cases and deaths were dropped from records a day earlier on Sunday. The state reported 30,334 new infections, bringing the total to 1.6 million, while 122 new deaths out of a total of 20,969.

Southern California Holiday Celebration During Kovid-19

An artist dressed as Santa Claus wears a protective mask during the Night of Lights OC-Drive-Through Christmas Light Show on December 12 in California.

Photographer: Bing Guan / Bloomberg

Hospitalization climbed to a new high, while the number of available intensive-care unit beds, still hovering near a record low, increased from 25 to 1,444. The state has ordered about two-thirds of its residents to stay in the holiday season as the supply of ICU beds fell below its limit.

French ICU Cases Rise After Occurrence (2 pm NY)

According to the Ministry of Health, Kovid-19 patients in intensive care units in France increased from 10 to 2,871 for the first time in about four weeks. Hospitalization for virus-related illness, which includes the ICU, climbed to 259, the most in three weeks.

CDC gives formal vaccine signoff (1:10 pm NY)

CDC director Robert Redfield said he signed an advisory panel recommendation to use the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine in people 16 years and older, which is a formality to discontinue the US vaccine drive. “Vaccination is set to begin by Monday,” Redfield said in a statement on Sunday.

Relating to US sets for vaccines;  South Korea case ease: virus update

Pfizer BioNotech Kovid-19 Vaccine.

Ireland transition early after lockdown (12:46 pm NY)

Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan said Ireland’s pace of Kovid-19 infections was increasing and there was concern that two weeks after the government began a nationwide lockout.

He said that the average of five days has gone to more than 300 cases in a week. Holohan said Ireland reported 429 new cases on Sunday, “a large number by the standard of recent weeks”.

US hospital strain scene peaking in January (12:04 pm NY)

New Kovid-19 cases in the US Midwest and West find “signs of expectation” slowing, as infection on east and west coasts intensifies, former Food and Drug Administration chief Scott Gottlieb said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” .

Even with the imminent introduction of vaccination in the US, “we need to keep the health care system to the maximum,” Gottlieb said. “They are not going to see the extreme burden on the hospital’s resources until the end of January,” he said.

FDA and CDC chiefs testified to House Commerce Subcommittee on Seasonal Influenza Preparation and Response

Photographer: Toya Sarno Jordan / Bloomberg

New Jersey Shots Begin Tuesday, Murphy Says (12:03 PM NY)

Coronovirus cases from New Jersey exceeded 400,000 on Sunday, with 4,170 positive tests. An additional 24 people in the state died of Kovid-19 related illness, taking the toll to 15,883, the fifth highest in the country.

According to Governor Phil Murphy, the first vaccines in New Jersey will be introduced on Tuesday.

NYC stays above positive-test threshold (11 am NY)

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, with indoor meals at eateries in New York, the positive-testing rate due to stop on Monday exceeds the 5% benchmark that helps determine virus-related restrictions.

While bars and restaurants are being restricted to outdoor and takeout service under an order from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the city’s “Vaccine Command Center” is scheduled to open on Monday.

New York reported more than 10,000 new virus cases for the fifth consecutive day.

Most of the US will be vaccinated by June: Saloi (9:30 am)

Eight out of 10 people in the US can be vaccinated by next summer, according to Monsef Saloi, a government push to approve and distribute the vaccine.

Sfoui said in “Fox News Sunday” that after the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNotech shot by the FDA, a Modern Ink vaccine would be allowed.

“We need to immunize 75% to 80% of the US population before herd immunity can actually be established,” he said. “We hope To reach that point between the month of May and the month of June. “

Abu Dhabi reopens to foreign tourists (9:26 am NY)

Abu Dhabi plans to reopen to international tourists in early January as it eases restrictive measures, to overcome the epidemic. According to an official from the Department of Culture and Tourism, the capital of the United Arab Emirates will allow visitors from a group of countries to keep visitors safe and that list will be updated every two weeks.

Half of Brazilans will not take the vaccine (9:22 am NY)

Half of Brazil will not take the Kovid-19 vaccine being developed by China’s Synovac Biotech Ltd, along with Instituto Butanon in São Paulo, a DataFolo survey shows.

Brazil-China-Health Virus Vaccines

The container carrying the Coronavac vaccine arrives on December 3 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Photographer: Nelson Alameda / AFP / Getty Images

According to data published on Saturday by the Folha DS Paulo newspaper, the Chinese vaccine known as Coronavac has the highest rejection rate among people over 50%.

More than a third will not take a vaccine developed by Russia and a quarter will reject one produced by Britain. The lowest rejection rate, 23%, is for US-developed vaccines.

Kuwait Authorizes Pfizer-Bayonet Tech Vaccine (7:50 am NY)

Kuwait Pfizer and BioNTech are authorized to use the vaccine, while nearby Bahrain registers one manufactured by Sinopharm, China.

Michelle Seuss of EU in ‘Cumming Vicks’ Vaccine (7:46 am NY)

European Council President Charles Mitchell said he hoped the first Kovid vaccines would be approved in the EU The coming weeks, perhaps even before the end of the year. “

Block has decided to follow its regulatory process and “not to play” with the approval, Mitchell said. European countries are working on a vaccination campaign together, in some countries to avoid months falling behind others, Michel said in an interview on France Inter Radio Sunday.

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