Virginia Giffrey recalls alleged sex with Prince Andrew in memoir

Jeffrey Epstein “Sex Slave” Virginia Giffrey claimed that Prince Andrew, who had sex with the foot-licking fetish, was “the longest 10 minutes of my life”, according to a new report.

Giafre claimed false claims in the manuscript of “The Billionaire Playboy Club” – her memoir about her alleged mistreatment at the hands of rich and powerful men, including the late multi-billionaire, her accused Madame Ghiselin Maxwell, and the prince.

That manuscript is cited in court documents unheard of in New York last week.

Roberts, 36, wrote that during her encounters with the Duke of York, when she was only 17, she was “rubbing my young body, especially my feet, caressing my toes.” And licking my arch, “according to the Sun.

Then, she alleged, “It wasn’t hard to get her to the place where she just wanted to rest with me, so we dried up with the cold and retired to our bedchambers for the longest 10 minutes of our lives.”

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giffrey and Ghislin Maxwell
Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giffrey and Ghislin Maxwell

“Momentarily and without any real emotional attachment, he bursts into ecstasy, leaving me with my own feelings of despair,” she wrote. “As relieved as I was seeing the experience come to pass with him, it was finally sunk that I would be nothing more than this but a collection.”

Gifrey has claimed that he had sex with Prince Andrew three different times after being essentially forced out of her by Epsstein and Maxwell.

Shahi has strictly denied those claims.


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