Viral video: the epic performance of a dog with a living statue.


The amazing video has left people amused and many are doubling the dog as the best actor of all time!

In a video that has taken the Internet by badault, we see a living statue of a man posing as a fisherman in front of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil. However, it is not the act of man that has surprised people, but the dog in his arms that played his role perfectly. The man is frozen in a moment with a kiss planted on the dog and, to everyone's surprise, the animal turned out to be real. When the artist broke the character to pick up some advice, the dog also moved.

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The video of the duo captured earlier this week has gone viral on social networking sites with more than seven million hits on Facebook and another five million hits on Twitter.

the people and the dog that touch with her along with the don meu deus

– klebinho two teclãdos (@kaliel) May 17, 2019

Many were fascinated by the dog's performance and many said that animals deserve the chance to get an Oscar.

After the video went viral, local media identified the street artist as Venezuelan immigrant Yorge Luís Ruiz, who has been performing in Brazil for four years. He said that he had left his native country with the hope of a better future. The puppy named Jaspe, is an integral part of her performances, and says that she is a natural.

"Thank you very much, every day we thank the Brazilians for enjoying our work, that dog. We are speechless with all the comments I get now, "Ruiz said in an Instagram story after becoming an Internet sensation overnight.

He clarified that he did not train his dog for the performances and that everything started, since he could not leave the dog alone in the house when he was outside.

"I started taking it [sic] "Since I was little, and she got used to it," he said.

He has an Instagram account and YouTube for his fans where he shares photos and videos of the duo regularly. However, along with fame, many have also criticized and accused of abusing the animal.

"There is someone who still believes that dogs are being abused or drugged, but I will be four years with my dog ​​and I am used to hearing all these things." But for these people who speak these things, I only say this: it's sad when one person talks about the other without knowing. The first thing we have to do is meet first and then talk. "Everything I do with my puppy is natural, everything he does is because I've become accustomed since I was little," he told Razoes To Accredit.

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