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KUANTAN: a viral video that allegedly shows a fire at the Alliance Steel factory in the Kuantan Malaysia-China Industrial Park is not what it appears to be.

The director of the Pahang Fire and Rescue Department, Nor Hisham Mohammad, said it was not a fire but the burning of excess gas in a block of the coal coke plant.

He said there was a power outage at the factory at 9:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

"The source was not the Tenaga Nasional Bhd substation (TNB), but the factory's internal power system.

"The extraction fan in the coke plant stopped working during the power supply cut-off and when this happened, the safety system was activated automatically by releasing the excess gas through the heat release chimneys to avoid the accumulation of pressure in the furnace, "said Nor Hisham.

He explained that burning the gas in the furnace also helped prevent air pollution.

"The eight heat release chimneys worked as expected and burned the gas produced.

"The image of a fire is actually the burning of the gas released," he said, adding that they investigated the incident at the site and also called Alliance Steel for a more detailed explanation.

TNB had verified that there were no interruptions in the power supply and it was fired at its substation while Alliance Steel was investigating the cause of the power interruption.

Alliance Steel said in a statement that it had taken normal precautionary measures in accordance with its security operating procedures.

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