Viral Video: Ostrich photobombs Spanish political during the live broadcast

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Updated: May 26, 2020 8:55:48 pm

In a video, which has now gone viral on the social networks, political Spanish continues to deliver his speech aware that the bird behind him.

Although there have been several incidents of pets interrupting on-line, interviews and meetings of its owners as in house turns into the new office in a post-Covid world, this time it is about an ostrich who grabbed the spotlight during a Spanish political of the press conference.

When Miguel Angel Revilla, Presidente de Cantabria in the north of Spain, visited the Natural Park of Cabárceno zoo to announce its re-opening, little did he know that his press conference would also be attended by an ostrich.

In the video, which has gone viral on social networks, the Spanish political you can see the delivery of his speech in an unflustered manner, while being aware that the bird behind him.

See the video here:

The video has caused hilarious reactions online, including the Revilla himself, who later posted a screengrab of the video that compares it to a similar situation in The Simpsons. “The Simpsons already predicted,” he wrote, while sharing the clip.

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