Viral video of St. Jimmy Kimmel’s anti-mask protest – George’s trend on Twitter after St. George news went viral

Hundreds of people attended the “And the Mask Mandate Rally” at the Washington County School District Office, St. George, Utah, on August 21, 2020. Photo by Holly Stark, St. George’s News

scheduled tribe. George Although it has been more than four weeks since hundreds of anti-masked protesters rallied in St. George, the incident is still gaining much attention on Twitter.

During last month’s protest, which took place in front of the Washington County School District offices on Aug. 21, various residents, including some from a group called the Liberty Action Coalition, protested against Gary Herbert’s mandate on all Utah K-12s. The need for students. And teachers to wear masks in schools.

See St. George’s news coverage of that incident here.

But it was an ABC News report about the same incident that was retweeted by Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the popular television program Jimmy Kim Live! Earlier in a Twitter post made on Monday, Kimmel called one of the people interviewed in a segment “the world’s most humble person”.

Original post and video, created by Twitter user @tommyxtopher, Had generated more than 36,000 likes and 4,000 comments as of Monday evening, including 8,100 retweets of Kimmel.

The activity’s stag “St. George” is one of the top trending topics on Twitter on Monday. Some people apparently thought that a new rally had taken place recently, but this was not the case. The following is a selection of some of the latest tweets and responses:

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