Viral video: Giant ‘fireball’ falls from the sky, crashes in Chinese province

A suspected low-flying meteor lit up the sky on December 23 in Qinghai province in Yusu city, northwestern China, leaving the townspeople shocked and surprised. The video of the rare natural event showing a bright fireball illuminating the dark sky was widely uploaded on Weibo and Pear, the top social media platforms.

In some videos while the visually bright fire ball passes through a field, some footage circulating the Internet shows the burning object descending rapidly towards the hills and fields.

China’s earthquake network center said through its social media account that a suspect Bolang landed near the border between Nangqian County and Yessu County at 7.25am, but no one was injured, material Reported.

Following the incident, the Nangqian County Government told the media that an “unknown flying object” that appeared in the morning flew in the direction of West Lake Camdo, and no debris or debris has been found in Nangzian County, local. NTDTV Reported.

In traditional Chinese culture, meteorites from the sky are usually considered precursors to major events or social unrest, and most of them are inauspicious, Era times Reported explaining the fear and panic in people online.

According to NASA fireball and boloid data provided by JPL’s CNEOS, the effects of fireballs were also detected in the region. According to its official site data, its calculated total impact energy was 9.5 kt and the velocity recorded by the sensor was 13.6 km / s.

Earlier this month, a similar incident was observed in Japan and videos of the fireball illuminating the sky began to circulate widely online.


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