Viral: the Brothers themselves to little poisonous black widow spider to gain ‘Superpowers’

Three brothers settled in Chayanta, Bolivia, recently made a black widow spider bite in hopes of the acquisition of Spider-Man powers. The three brothers, between the ages of eight and twelve, he came to the spider with a stick to do the attack for them. The children were taken to hospital, where they were given a serum for the bite.

Three brothers take the bite of the spider in the hope of becoming Spider-Man

The brothers recently did a poisonous spider bite black widow, so that they could be the superpowers of the Marvel character, Spider-Man. The guys were reportedly looking over his sheep, while his mother was out collecting wood. Saw the spider, and the idea occurred to them, after he came to the spider with a stick that did attack them. The boys soon began to experiment with a poisonous bite symptoms such as muscle pain, sweating, fever, tremor, generalized. The three boys were quickly rushed to the hospital after his mother was found crying in the house when she returned.

The boys were first taken to Chayanta health center, where they were given a couple of medicines. However, his condition continued to deteriorate due to that according to the reports, were transferred to another hospital in Llallagua. Her condition only stabilized after they were transferred to Children’s hospital of The city of la Paz. Here, the guys gave a serum, which helped them with their situation. The children were discharged after five days.

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The black widow spider responds only when provoked. However, when it bites, the condition should be quickly looked into. It has been called the black widow because it kills its partner after mating. According to a newspaper, in a recent press conference related to the Coronavirus, the head of Epidemiology, Virgilio Pietro, spoke about the case and to disclose the details related to it. He also asked the parents to take utmost care as children tend to believe what they see on the screen. He also added that children are the hope of life and, therefore, they must be fed with reason. This type of incidents may prove to be fatal only because of the lack of knowledge.

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