Viral Star Welven Da Great Seen in Altercation in downtown Las Vegas

Although his videos "Deez Nuts" were the most popular a few years ago, the viral star known as Welven Da Great is still recognized by many on the Internet, as well as on the streets of Las Vegas where he reportedly resides.

With that said, a new video is circulating online that shows Welven in an altercation on Fremont Street in the center of the city, which at one point shows him throwing a drink to a group of women before running to a store close

Although the context behind the video is missing, the images begin with Welven throwing away the blue drink and ends with him being confronted inside the store, where he seems to have sought the help of a nearby police officer.

"She's going to go to jail," Welven said when he said security intervened, while an involved girl reminded him that he "threw a cup at his brother." In response, you can hear him saying "I do not give a bad", while telling another man to "be careful" when the camera goes off without much resolution.

Welven Da Great rose to fame when his comic videos went viral in 2015, where during the height of his popularity he had an estimated net worth of $ 100K.

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