Vine's successor, Byte, will be launched next spring.

Vine lives, according to co-creator Dom Hofmann. The entrepreneur, who has been working intermittently on a spiritual successor to the now-defunct short-form video application, says the appropriate sequel will be called Byte, and will arrive in the spring of 2019.

Twitter initially bought Vine in 2012, before its official launch, and closed it approximately four years later. Despite its short existence, Vine became a very popular platform for video creators, many of whom have moved to Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. Instead of Vine, TikTok, from a Chinese company known as ByteDance, has become heir to the video torch shortly, although with a lot of lip synch content cringe worthy.

Now, Hofmann, one of the co-creators of Vine, is reviving it as Byte. There's even an elegant logo to go with it:

Not much is known about how Byte will work, but Hofmann says it is officially the project previously known as v2, which had a transparent and publicized development process with forums dedicated to fans for approximately six months starting last November.

Hofmann postponed v2 indefinitely in May of this year, citing financing and logistics problems, as well as his daily work in an immersive entertainment studio called Innerspace VR. Hofmann kept the forums open to keep the discussion, and it seems that now it is up to some kind of funding for v2 to take off as Byte. We'll probably listen sooner, but it's a relief to know that it's really happening and that the six-second videos that shaped the modern culture of the Internet may be coming back big.

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