Vikings-Texas, Steelers-Titans removed from the board in sports books

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Until more information is available about the COVID-19 situation surrounding the two teams, sports books are not placing bets on the Vikings and Titans upcoming games.

The Titans had three players and five staff members positive for COVID-19, which resulted in the team closing its facility for the entire week. The Vikings have not tested any positives since playing the Titans on Sunday, but they will not report to the team’s facility until health officials are satisfied that it is safe.

As a result, most sports books have taken both teams’ games off the board on Sunday. The Vikings were a 3.5-point underdog at Houston, while the Titans were a 2-point underdog at home against the Steelers.

The most common reason for a game to be off the board is when there is uncertainty about the status of a high-profile player due to an injury. In this case, there is uncertainty about the status of the two entire teams because we do not know whether they will be cleared to practice or play.

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