Vikings listed as landing site for Teddy Bridgewater

Despite what the Internet rumors may repeatedly recite, the Minnesota Vikings are not looking for a quarterback. Well, a QB1 anyway. Kirk Cousins ​​fills that job, maintaining the Vikings’ signal caller duties since early 2018. In that time frame, Cousins ​​has thrown the fifth-most touchdowns (91) and posted the seventh-best touchdown rate. league passer (103.6) across the league.

Not bad at all for a quarterback spinning through an incessant cycle of trade rumors.

Barring a crash change, Cousins ​​will be the Vikings’ starting quarterback in 2021, and probably 2022 as well, unless the team faces a disappointing season in 2021. If that comes to fruition, buckle up. seatbelt because the total change will affect Eagan, Minnesota.

so when CBS SportsCody Benjamin nonchalantly listed Vikings as a possible destination for Teddy Bridgewater, Nick Young’s confusing memes surfaced. What do the Vikings need from Teddy Bridgewater?

Benjamin did not comment on the reasoning behind a Minnesota-Bridgewater meeting, but the Vikings are listed as a likely landing spot along with the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans.

Would general manager Rick Spielman entertain Bridgewater’s return to the 2021 team?

More on CBS Sports’ claim

In Benjamin’s analysis, he speculates that 10 veteran quarterbacks could be on the move if the rumors take hold. Obviously 10 of these players won’t be traded in bulk, so consider Benjamin’s work as hypothetical brainstorming.

In Bridgewater, he wrote:

“It is appropriate that he is right behind Garoppolo, because their profiles are alarmingly similar. While Jimmy has been most prolific when healthy, both quarterbacks have had significant injury problems, thrived on a high shooting percentage and generally settled in “useful but not elite” territory. Bridgewater is a good locker room presence who can capitalize on a good supporting cast, but he needs a lot of help. “

Again, CBS Sports it does not mention Bridgewater’s role for the Vikings. Perhaps Minnesota would cash in on Cousins’ sizable contract. Maybe the Panthers release Bridgewater squarely, swallowing a gigantic hit to the cap.

Without context, Benjamin’s prognosis would make almost sense if Bridgewater joined Minnesota in a bad deal with the Vikings, improving the situation. QB2 place.

Bridgewater at QB2 in a little deal?

Now this – it’s a clever general management. If Bridgewater is released (a long shot due to its dead cap hitting Carolina’s budget) or if it is traded and then Resigned by a different team, bringing Bridgewater home is full-circle thinking.

Sean Mannion was the Vikings’ backup quarterback for the past two seasons. That’s right, the man who has never thrown a single NFL touchdown pass. Cousins ​​has not needed a backup quarterback in his career, as he has never missed a game through injury. In fact, Cousins, Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers and Tom Brady are the only signallers to have missed zero games due to injury since the start of 2012 (although Brady was suspended and Cousins ​​was unable to participate in a game of 2019 by playoff formality). purposes).

The Vikings are in good hands with Cousins ​​leading the way in terms of durability. But if he were to lose time to get injured, Bridgewater would be a wonderful reservist option.

Vikings don’t have the infrastructure for QB1 Bridgewater

If Benjamin did do not It means Bridgewater would be a backup, well things get weird. Would the Vikings really mail it to Cousins ​​in favor of a nostalgic quarterback like Bridgewater? The guy who, to date, has a ceiling of 15 touchdowns per year? Boy, that would be weird.

There was a time, half a decade ago, when Minnesota could skate with a prolific soccer pitcher. This was evidenced in 2015 when the Vikings came within a missed field goal of a winning playoff game. However, that team had a solid and emerging defense. Minnesota’s defense in 2020 was abysmal and a cosmic departure from any Zimmer-led defense between 2014 and 2019.

For the sake of discussion, let’s hear the notion that Spielman is quietly fed up with Cousins ​​and eager to start a new chapter at QB1. I wouldn’t go with a player who throws 15 touchdowns per year, not with a defense trying to escape the smell of 2020. Minnesota ranks in the NFL in points allowed and 27th in yards allowed last season. Auditioning Bridgewater for a QB1 gig when the defense is in limbo of “maybe they’ll get back in shape” is unseemly for a franchise yearning to win now.

But hey yeah CBS SportsThe vision is to teleport Bridgewater back to the glory days of 2015, the Vikings should get hold of Teddy for QB2 at a very low price. Bridgewater has the DNA to be one of the best QB2s in the league. Most Viking enthusiasts would write that transaction in no time.

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