Vijay Mallya urges the skeptics of Force India to “eat their own words” & # 39; –

Vijay Mallya urges the skeptics of Force India to “eat their own words” & # 39;


Vijay Mallya has told those who doubted the high ambitions he set for Force India before the 2017 season to eat humbly after seeing the team consolidate fourth in the championship.

At the launch of Force India's VJM10 at the beginning of this year, Mallya stated that his little Silverstone outfit could finish third in the championship. The first three proved to be a significant step ahead of the rest in 2017, but Force India was always the best of the rest and finished fourth before the final race of the season.

Despite not having finished where it was proposed, it meant a repeat of the team's end in 2016. The team's founder, Mallya, has criticized the team's critics and He has praised his ability to achieve solid results with a limited budget.

"We set out to achieve third place, but we got fourth place for the second year in a row," he said at the Autosport Awards. "I had many skeptics who I advised them to eat their own words and I hope they taste good."

"I am very proud that, with our limited resource, we have been able to drill well above our weight."

Force India's management is one of the fiercest defenders of a budget limit for F1 teams, and in recent seasons it has often outperformed teams with higher budgets, such as Williams, a Mercedes client, and Mallya sees no reason to stop that trend next year …

"I have a great team of runners, with careers in their blood and who know how to make the most of what we have. We never give up The objectives for 2018 will be high again and we are ready for our competition "

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