View the Frappuccino calorie count of the Starbucks Christmas tree


Although holidays are not a time to worry about your waist, when we saw the last seasonal creation of Starbucks, we could not help but wonder how much one of them would cost us in the calorie department.

First things first, in case you're not familiar: the new friendly Frapp with Instagram is available from Thursday, December 7 until Monday, December 11 and is composed of "delicious mocha and mint mixed with milk and ice, Crowned with a festive tree made of infused matcha badped cream, a caramelized drizzle and candied cranberries topped with a strawberry tree & # 39; topper & # 39; "

Sounds delicious and super fattening, right? Well, that depends on your perspective. According to the Starbucks website, the Frappuccino Christmas Tree has 420 calories for a large 16-0z. size, with 50 g of sugar. While that may seem a lot for a drink, it is actually less caloric than many of its other popular frozen mixes, such as Cinnamon Roll Frapp (510 calories), Eggnog Frapp (440 calories) and Brown Sugar Shortbread Crepp Frapp (430 calories).

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For the slightly lighter options that still bring seasonal flavors, you can try the Chai Creme Frapp (360 calories), the Chestnut Praliné Frapp (330 calories) or the or Gingerbread Frapp (370 calories).

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If you insist on participating in the Christmas Tree action but are on a stricter diet, Starbucks recommends ordering the 12 ounces high. with skim milk and without badped cream, which has 120 calories in total. Although we would say that without the green badped cream, what is the point? December is the time to indulge.

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